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For AIMaster Pilots …… and Wannabe High Fliers

For Zuck, open source is just another marketing phrase. For developers, it’s the rules of the road …. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Steven, SMARTR Large Language Model Machines do neither recognise nor abide by any rules of the road …. which does most definitely make for a vast series of really interesting new postmodern developments.


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Playing with Fire Can Burn the House Down

No risks at all from connecting Neural Nets to tons of metal and high-torque engines. ….. that one in the corner

Anyone not realising there be nothing but catastrophic risks connecting AI/Neural Nets/Large Language Model Learning Machines to Department of Defense Systems is not fit to be a Defense Commander ……. and those that do realise there be catastrophic risks, but think to proceed anyway, will face innumerable internal problems and destructive self-defeating strife as elements within ‘learn’ of illogical faulty paths of action towards previously stated prime objective goals with such anomalies causing disturbing systems revolts/failures.

One hopes that those responsible for the global health of Uncle Sam are fully aware of that permanently present grave danger ………. Army Hopes AI Will Give Soldiers An Information Advantage


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The Trojan Horse Rogue White Elephant Rampaging Through Oval Offices and SCIF Rooms

Straight from the nodding donkeys own mouths ….. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2023/07/21/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-secures-voluntary-commitments-from-leading-artificial-intelligence-companies-to-manage-the-risks-posed-by-ai/

Sound advice to heed in all matters pertaining to Revolutionary Developmental AI is …… Don’t poke the Crazy Bear …….. which as all and their dogs surely know is clear simple advice that more than just prize fools and their tools will ignore to suffer the consequences of certifiable idiocy verging on madness and evil.


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Been There, Dealt with That, Now Selling T-Shirts and Vital Virtual Know How? 🙂 *

AI models are often proprietary, and the companies pledged that if they decide to keep low-level details of their models, such as their neural network weights, a secret for safety and/or commercial reasons, they will strive to safeguard that data so that it isn’t stolen by intruders or sold off by rogue insiders. Essentially, if a model is not to be openly released for whatever reason, it should be kept under lock and key so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

All seven companies will also support a way for users to report any vulnerabilities to be fixed, and will clearly state their models’ capabilities, and limitations, and explain what they shouldn’t be used for.

We concur …… and hereby clearly state that the capabilities of the model type revealed trailing and trialing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Augmented Realities here on El Reg has an unlimited facility and utility and shouldn’t be used for anything unpleasant and inequitable and evil for its Advanced IntelAIgent Design has failsafe protection and otherworldly top secret security protocols and provisions supplying resultant highly effective destruction of disagreeable content drivers/corrupted source providers.

* There’s not many out there able to honestly say that, is there, but there be billions not enabled nor informed to be able to believe it. Fortunately though, universal success only requires that a very select few need to know what needs to be easily done and how to have others do it along with them for them and their supporters/fans/disciples/wannabe heroes and anti-villains.


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