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One Man’s Trojan Horse is Another Being’s Magic Bullet Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer

Mastercard said the effort expands on a partnership established in 2019. The top two payment systems in China, AliPay and WeChat Pay, have been accessible via foreign credit cards on a limited scale since that year. WeChat Pay, known domestically as Weixin Pay, will also be more accessible soon, according to parent company Tencent.

Is that gracious generous courtesy reciprocated in the West, to improve/make extremely easy the payment experience for Chinese visitors …… and is it a universal facility being expanded and extended and provided for the enjoyment and enjoinment of all foreign visitors travelling to and residing/holidaying in what to them can be very strange and spooky alien lands?

Nice one, China/Mastercard. Bravo. Thanks for the Absolutely Fabulous Phishing.


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Re: High trust High scam

Take a chill pill, AC, …. you’re doing yourself a mischief and, some would venture, revealing your bankrupt, as in devoid of novel politically correct and adept APT* proprietary intellectual property, paymasters/dream merchants/0day spivs.

* ….. Advanced Persistent Threat and/or Treat



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