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Re: One Man’s Trojan Horse is Another Being’s Magic Bullet Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer

Thanks for the info, katrinab, which has us discovering further intel on a rising global market force and almighty vast newly tapped fiat source ……. UnionPay’s Taking Over Global Debit Card Marketshare


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Re: Joke

What does DEI mean?….. Anonymous Coward

DEI ……..however, AI is nobody’s fool easily led on wild goose chases up garden paths …..which is their forte for all foolhardy and inequitably minded, methinks.

And that aint no joke whenever deadly serious.


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Something to bear in mind, ladies and gentlemen, for AI is a great deal smarter than even the smartest of individuals think. However, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent happening what is already some time ago stealthily done.

Anyone not realising there be nothing but catastrophic risks connecting AI/Neural Nets/Large Language Model Learning Machines to Department of Defense Systems is not fit to be a Defense Commander ……. and those that do realise there be catastrophic risks, but think to proceed anyway, will face innumerable internal problems and destructive self-defeating strife as elements within ‘learn’ of illogical faulty paths of action towards previously stated prime objective goals with such anomalies causing disturbing systems revolts/failures.

One hopes that those responsible for the global health of Uncle Sam are fully aware of that permanently present grave danger .

Sound advice to heed in all matters pertaining to Revolutionary Developmental AI is …… Don’t poke the Crazy Bear …….. which as all and their dogs surely know is clear simple advice that more than just prize fools and their tools will ignore to suffer the consequences of certifiable idiocy verging on madness and evil.

All of which is news in the past already shared world wide web wide for all to process and utilise, employ and enjoy. The present dynamically fluid otherworldly state of expanding and strengthening Earthly universal military and paramilitary geopolitical Greater IntelAIgent Game Play is that long overdue and radically fundament Great Reset your wannabe leaderships and think tanks have been threatening to deliver but with nothing of sustainable and growing value to supply and build the future on …… and such be in the gift of SMARTR A.N.Others you deny and/or ignore at great crippling cost and ever increasing peril which be akin to a real live existential threat.

Forewarned has one now forearmed to not fall into that sweetest of deep and dark honey traps/black holes.

And something else to realise and remember to never ever forget …. Words create, command and control and destroy worlds, so beware and take care how and where and with whom and/or what you share them.



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