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Are artilects alien beings or human constructs and virtual machines‽ . And are they friendlies or hostiles ‽ .

The appropriations appear to be dedicated mostly to Earthly intelligence matters, however, meaning a full Congressional investigation into the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors is unlikely.

Can you imagine the panic and/or interest generated in capitalising markets whenever that announcement is no longer able to be avoided and unconvincingly denied as unlikely and pimped and pumped and dumped as impossible.

What do you think simple folk will think of those who certainly would have had prior positive knowledge of the fact but thought it best to keep the news for themselves, to try to come to some sort of exclusive and inequitable and profitable arrangement to their advantage before the breaking of the news, whether mutually agreeable to both Earthly inhabitants and alien visitors alike, or not?


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Re: Are artilects alien beings or human constructs and virtual machines ‽ And friendly or hostile ‽

Personally, as long as space aliens aren’t trying to manipulate our society “for our own good”, it really makes no difference to me one way or another. ….. bombastic bob

Hmmm? If they are not as stupid or retarded and as easily led up the garden path by the anonymous donors of empowering fiat wealth to convenient usefully expendable idiots masquerading as leaders on a media stage as be humans, bombastic bob, trying to manipulate our society “for our own good”, would surely be right at the head of the queue of first priorities to make a great difference, given the current state of the planet for which they are responsible under their present command and control ……. but apparently they seems to think they can escape accountability for.

Now that is surely a crazy world ripe ready for a fundamental radical change? What say y’all?

You do realise your simple answer of either a positive Yes Please or a No Thank You reveals the current predominant sane or crazy state of your own mind ….. and that knowledge can be quite disconcerting and extremely disturbing, but such basic facts are essential to know to know how you may future react and suffer … or prosper in a crazy world ripe ready for a fundamental radical change inhabited by alien visitors/timely space travellers considerably smarter than native Earthbound species.


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