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A Minority View and Report on the Much Bigger Picture and Greater IntelAIgent Game in Play ‽ .

Whenever one finally recognises and concludes that the crony Western fiat capitalism model and misleading mainstream media narrative way is toxic, destructive and very quickly, eventually surprisingly self-defeating, is there sure to be a natural flight of talent to that which the West has been preaching for decades/centuries is an existential threat to its healthy survival.

Many commenting here on this thread may not see that as inevitable, but in any system which does not care for the honest truth to be always told and thus would aspire and conspire to pimp/pump and dump the erroneous fake as a plausible alternative for ignorant acceptance and arrogant belief, is such a fate its destiny.

And the likes of a leading initiative such as Xi Jinping calls on world to OPEN UP to science & tech partnerships with China can certainly be novel groundbreaking and otherworldly Earth shattering and be very attractive to many who be rightly disgusted with the increasingly perverse and inequitable ways of the easily led and corruptible West.

Bravo, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Well said, Sir. I second that motion …… for what is there for a sane person not to like. 🙂 ………. is an alien Jolly Roger flag nailed securely to a clippers’ masts most definitely methinks.:-)


amanfromMars [2109261610] …… replies encouragingly on https://www.rt.com/news/535821-china-xi-science-cooperation/

You would be disappointed! …… Facts-Not-Bullshits!

What a lode of nonsense, Facts-Not-Bullshits! You must be doing things all wrong again and again, ad infinitum/ad nauseam to be so disappointing to them as results in their being a disappointment to you. Can you admit to be blameless and in so doing certify oneself practically virtually totally insane and quite beautifully mad? 🙂

Tell me that is not a blessing taking care of a curse and there will be at least another two opinions challenging you to demonstrate and prove the greater of the two almightily right and not fundamentally wrong.

One might like to imagine the Erotic Exotic Ethereal East have a distinct advantage over the Wickedly Wild Wacky West whenever Universal Virgin Soldier Geopolitical Games are on Every COSMIC Playing Fields Board.


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