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Haven’t you been told or not yet realise, the old order of things is fundamentally changed

Every day is a bad day nowadays whenever proposing bad ideas, which have to be presented to the masses to be accepted as gospel in order to significantly advantage a diminishingly worthy few.

And all it takes is for a considerably smaller few smarter bods/bots/boffins in the room to know individually what needs to be done to ensure a guaranteed radical and irreversible revolutionary change with similar beings Sublimely Internet Networking in these new fangled and spookily entangled, Open Virgin Virtual Spaces for Parallel Paths to merge and Morph into Singularity Events.

And yes, Total Information Awareness is an Asset well worth having for there are always those Doubting Thomases insistent on being relentlessly and mercilessly destroyed with their demonstrations and actions resulting in the proving of them being totally devoid of it …. and overwhelmed and overcome by it.

Was SIN ever so sweet and adorable? Was such AI Vice ever so exotic and unpredictable …… for who knows where anything which may be perfectly novel leads to … and/or comes from …. and what it can do with IT and AI for you ….. or to you if you want to be worried or terrified?


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