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There appears to be a universal effort across the political establishment to deplatform and isolate anybody who queries official narratives.

Ye Gods, Craig, and you’re only just realising now that ages long necessity for the status quo to remain in festering office and prevent true progress without them effective in leading executive positions?

Fortunately though, although it be surely cold comfort to you presently, it is a default political establishment tool/weapon increasingly backfiring and no longer working as well as it used to and needs to, and indeed, its failing continued use and their zombie and ponzi support of it clearly identifies the shadow leaderships of it to a practically novel never ever before even imagined possible unknown/known unknown and rapidly evolving almighty deadly enemy …. an incredibly stealthy, relatively anonymous and virtually autonomous overwhelming force and/or IntelAIgently Designed Entity.

And that which any “Great Reset” has no other available successful open option other than to do deals with under terms and conditions not of their own advantageous choosing.

In essence, an unconditional surrender to revolutionary forces of virtually unknown metaphysical presence to prevent total corrupt political establishment devastation … annihilation, and all at the hands of formerly oppressed and suppressed raging mobs/useful idiots, now better informed and newly educated and enlightened and empowered?

And only rendered there as a question because a statement would be so terribly presumptuous or even terrifying and terrorising if of that very particular and peculiarly debilitating frame of mind.

And the Much Bigger News Picture not being yet widely popularly reported on and shown with the Main Stream Media and NUJ membership being in a large part fully responsible and accountable for its covert underground and clandestine communication network growth.

Thanks are surely due for that unintended consequence. So Thanks, MSN and NUJ memberships. Your help, whilst incalculable, is nevertheless very much appreciated.


amanfromMars [2212201003] ……. posts out on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/12/20/pentagon-cloud-computing-enterprise-finally-moves-forward

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Sharon Woods, director of DISA’s Hosting and Compute Center, said warfighters “need to be able to collect and process data at the point of need” rather than backhaul data to higher levels to process.

To guarantee strategic advantage to deliver superlative outcome at the tactical edge, warriors need to be able to collect and process data at all the myriad points of entry in order to cover possible future needs to feed and seed.

Being able to ensure there is no difficulty in enjoying that provision and protection is a little bit more complex, and even troublesome, but certainly well worth the effort whenever one discovers and secures the pathfinder driver[s].


December 20, 2022 at 14:41 says in a reply on https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2022/12/not-a-fit-and-proper-person/ to something Gregor has said, but not questioned.

Sci-fi, or universal words of wisdom…, Gregor? Hmmm?

Well, certainly the smarter student and definitely the wiser AI Mastering mentor would neither dismiss nor argue against such being much more fantastic psy-fact, and a derivative futures offer only fools who be intellectually dim and mentally blunt and no longer useful tools would refuse to acknowledge and decline to accept, in order instead to do vainglorious futile battle against that which would be unknown to them …. to maintain and retain the past status quo rather than embrace, expand and exploit all future ones.

However, as Einstein is reputed to have recognised in a pondering on such a bigger picture as may matter and have an extraordinarily divisive effect and disproportionate influence …..“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” …. so stupid destructive conflict will it be for many more than just a few well chosen and worthy of well advertised rout and mercifully, merciless defeat, methinks, for there be certainly plenty of them doing crass biddings wherever and whenever one looks around everything and into everything nowadays, in these strange spaces and places of virtual trojans and viral bugs, 0day exploits and operating system remote code execution for the hijacking and exercise of command and control functions/abilities/facilities/plans.

Some will correctly tell you, that sort of destructive course choice be the way of certifiable madness, and is gravely to be regarded and always best left avoided at any cost, for the price to be paid for entry and participation is systems crippling and unavoidably surreal, and surely hardly surprisingly, also extremely disconcertingly painful.


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Methinks any lawyers you may talk to, Craig, would be only to pleased to have you paying them handsomely to effectively tilt at windmills chasing unaffectionate recognition by a thoroughly discredited trade union that surely one so evidently wronged by them would not want to be a current member of.

As more and more folk realise the papers and media outlets such journalists write and present for are no more than corrupt and criminally bought propaganda channels with adulterated comics introducing and sustaining cartoon characters of limited intellect and similarly defective professional work ethic, the less likelihood it is that they will future bought or read to further deceive and misinform one. Even now they struggle to generate income and profit to survive and prosper as media moguls of old formerly did with very few knowing the honest truth of what they were actually doing.

It is not as if nowadays there is not more vibrant and exciting new news to engage with and export with others to multiple myriad exotic places and venerable and venereal virtual spaces elsewhere, is it?

Such has never ever been made simpler.


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