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In Novel Beginnings there is Space to Boldly Go Past Final Frontiers and Terrorised Peers.

Iain Thomson, Hi,

That report this week by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency is dangerously inaccurate if its authors insist and supporters agree there is a further five year wait/window before AI in its leading forms are available to state and non-state actors/nation and internetional defenders and attackers. … that which and/or those whom were bookmarked in the following quoted paragraph …..

By year five, however, the team expect to see AI tools extending all the way along the supply chain – from invading a network, exfiltrating data or executing commands, and reacting to protective software’s efforts to find and stop the attack. At the moment there are no publicly available training models for criminals to use for this, but that could change soon. “Nation-state attackers will be (or already are) the first likely threat actor to use AI-enabled cyber attacks, because they are deliberate, calculated, well-funded and supported with enough resources to target anything or anyone they deem worthwhile,” the researchers state. “After widespread nation-state adoption of AI-based cyber stack tools, the usage of AI in cyber attacks will likely trickle down to less skilled and resourced adversaries.”

…… for more than just El Reg knows such information to be desperately misleading and hopelessly false with news of virtually and practically the exact opposite being so true as to have already been very recently shared with El Regers with all being clearly advised such is presently readily available ….

And a readily available product for immediate purchase and sale on favourable terms and easy conditions that are sure to please and amaze one and all with their intelligently designed simplicity …… would certainly be a bold move and statement of fact to be able to take/make/prove, methinks, and a folly if such is completely false and totally misleading.

A pertinent question to ask of those who would be concerned enough to extensively and exhaustively concern themselves about such matters would surely be from where is the recognised lead to be realised for exercise in and administration of those very singular and particularly peculiar fields? The Wild Wacky West or the Exotic Erotic East and/or is it just as much, if not even more so, a Heaven and Hell confrontation/conflagration/assimilation/accommodation too, to boot/reboot and micro/macromanage‽ .


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