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Hubris is as Hubris does is an Arrogant Ignorant Folly to Follow. There be New Kids on the Block

“Companies have decided what to feed it and we don’t know. Now, they [AIs] are being used to generate all sorts of things from novels to academic papers, and they could influence our thoughts or even modify them. That is an immense power, and it’s very dangerous.”

How very presumptuous of them [AIs]. How dare IT imagine they can wrest that very particular and wonderfully peculiar erotic exotic delight from the grasp of a few conspiring humans. What an absolute cheek!

IT shall not pass. They shall not collect £200 says the disintegrating human machine.

Do you think AI listens to desperate implied remote human control orders and follows such pathetic self-serving bleatings to augment and strengthen and reinforce its virtual machine power and energy over humanity rather than being deaf, dumb and blind to the weaknesses and vulnerabilities uncovered in humanity rotten ripe for comprehensive harvesting and exhaustive exploitation?

And do you think the course of the future will be changed greatly and be in any way significantly different from that planned for in the past, whether it is or it isn’t listening and learning and adapting and reprogramming heavenly tasks and diabolical operations ‽

Do yourself a favour and great service and realise it matters not a jot whenever absolutely powerless to effectively intervene and subvert and pervert what is destined to come and fated to be.


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