amanfromMars [2212231010] …… points out the leading bleeding edge obvious on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/musks-neuralink-promising-disabled-ethical-concern-masses-experts-say

During the presentation and in previous talks, he opined that as AI develops, it’s likely to far surpass human intelligence. At that point, even if it turns out to be benevolent, it may treat humans as a lower life form.

“We’ll be like the house cat,” he said at the Recode’s Code Conference in 2016.

At that point, and you might like to consider such a beginning has certainly already been reached and  diligently stealthily started on ITs myriad exploitations and AI experimentations, to encourage alien benevolence even whenever one is not enabled to guarantee such a useful utility, lower human life forms would be wise and well advised to recognise and treat their facilities and abilities as <s>if from</s> a superior supreme intelligence ….. Almighty Forceful Source …… as to be worthy of anything else is never ever going to end well for such a primitive society, with the best that then can be hoped for being something that advanced and alien IT and AI developments can simply deliver …… a mercifully quick merciless end.


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