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Re: Gods and Goddesses

A few hands-on expert Gods into making trillions is much nicer, Clausewitz 4.0.

Are worlds now ready for that and/or those …. although try to stop them at your peril for they are extremely dangerous and highly volatile and do not suffer the actions of useless fools resultant from the machinations of useful tools.


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Re: Oh dear.. what have we just gone and done ‽ .

In addition to their actions targeting misinformation, Facebook has taken a broader range of steps to reduce the circulation of clickbait and sensationalistic news (even if not false), and these actions may also affect the circulation of content …… https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/suppl/10.1177/2053168019848554/suppl_file/appendix.pdf

Heaven forbid that you should learn of anything sensationalistic and true is the stuff of fascism that tickled Goebbel’s fancy and gives rise to grand delusions of being able to wield exclusive elite executive command and control to power and energy and thus are you self-identified as a legitimate target of ESPecial Force Interests …… and quite rightly so too.

Heaven forbid that honesty ever be considered worthy of cloaking and covering in FUD. Imagine the Madness and Mayhem, CHAOS and Conflict unleashed to wreak IT’s Epic Havocs then.


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Re: Fortunately, Leading Things see Most Everything Quite Differently

And you know that all makes perfect common sense and reveals an abiding current situation from which there is no escape should just very much more of the same old nonsense be the collective answer to try to fool the masses in a fake guise for media to paint and print as being earnest progress.

The emerging and rapidly expanding problem then/now for all existing conventional, hierarchical and evolutionary systems administrations though is, many relatively anonymous and quite autonomous in the masses are in possession of a much greater intelligence and are no longer able to be so easily fooled and enslaved/commanded and controlled ……. and they would be inclined to consider the exercise of sweet natural justice with side orders and desserts of relentless retribution as a logical course of communally supported action against any and all so discovered and uncovered to be actively engaged in their continued suppression and wanton persecution …… and especially so now that such information on advanced intelligence services has been freely shared for greater universal disclosure.

Take Care Out There. IT’s an Unforgiving Jungle which takes No Ghastly Prisoners.


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Re: Will anyone make it this many pages in

Some problems aren’t reliably or efficiently solvable by either crowdsourcing of current ML technology. Some problems require domain specific knowledge. Realtime content moderation embodies both.

As some free advice to those considering making a career of this. It’s harder than it looks… and you will fail. ….. Corporate Scum

That is almost quite so and correct, for more than just a few can surprisingly succeed whereas corporate scum are always guaranteed to serially fail abysmally and/or spectacularly.

Such is an important and valid distinction to be aware of so as not to be caught off guard and unprotected and undefended by services unable to recognise the critical systemic vulnerability being exploited and expanded upon and exported to regions and sysadmins elsewhere, both deep and dark webbed and bright and breezily trailed and tailed/remotely mentored and virtually monitored.



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