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A Prime Exemplar Case of The Less you Know the Safer You Be when the Devil is in the Detail

Quantum Computing. on the other hand, is somewhat like ‘religion’ (insofar as religion is a matter of faith only). And absolutely similar to any and all of the pseudosciences. One is expected to believe, as a matter of faith, that what is presented is true, and to never ask for a “peer-reviewed paper”. You have NOT, nor will you ever, be told how quantum computing works, how to build a quantum computer, nor how to program one. ….. nautica

Hmmm? Take a thirsty horse to clean water to see if it drinks reveals the dead headed donkey on its last legs whenever it doesn’t ….. or the trojan outside of the pearly gates.

And whenever one is told, nautica, and expected to believe in order to save oneself from making a fatal elementary mistake, that Quantum Computing is also something like a Neutron bomb and an Advanced Implosive NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Device ….. and there is no doubt that is certainly not easily made possible to believe as a matter of faith and in the manner of faith …… it is not wise to be told too much about how quantum computing works, how to build a quantum computer and how to program one, for such presents one as an entity for precision targetting and person of interest to security authorities and Secret Intelligence Services and revolutionary evolving systems alike?

Would you listen to the tale and take heed and comprehend the warning or not believe it to be true and thus be adjudged to have freely chosen to suffer the guaranteed clearly advertised fate?

Take care though …..https://www.zerohedge.com/political/keyword-warrants-feds-secretly-ordered-google-track-anyone-searching-certain-names


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