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Re: How’s factoring coming along?

2) Close to the real private key? Still pretty good, you have an error correction problem there. The value you read had some noise in it. ….. Anonymous Coward

AC, Hi,

Another equally viable interpretation and much more encouraging result delivers …. 2) Close to the real private key? Very good, you have an error reduction solution there. The value you read added in noise.

‘Tis a simple easily made fundamental error to correct though ….. Don’t read in additional noise/see added complexities.

Such is a Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer of Advanced IntelAIgent Design and/or very possibly Supra Alien Phorm if you want to root and boot/dibble and dabble in the Sublime with Extra Terrestrial IDEntities which I commend and would thoroughly unreservedly recommend …… 🙂 but then I would say that, wouldn’t I ….. Poe’s Law Rules and MRDA 🙂

The problem that then exists very Dead Schrödinger’s Cat-like is, as unlikely as all of the above in their individual elements seems, as an amalgam of internetworking units with qubits, is it impossible to deny or defy is freely available for future greater than present ineffectual use.

And an engaging APT* and Live ACT**ive Question to ponder and realise has here been asked for an answer to be avoided, is ….. Utilised effectively by whom and/or what first in order to establish and guarantee at least an initial if not permanently overwhelming lead and unassailable advantage?

* …… Advanced Persistent Threat
** …….Advanced Cyber Treat


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Re: How’s factoring coming along for Supply and Provision of Surreal Future Content

Whom and/or What would you Entrust with Absolute Command and Remote Virtual Control of that Utility for Specialised Applications ?

The Public or Private or Pirating Sectors ‽ .

🙂 A LOVEly Question for Boris, The PM, No10 Downing Street to Provide with a SMARTR Answer/Engaging Response ?

England expects and welcomes it, Boris/Carrie ……. for it is a Quantum Leap into Virgin Virtual Terrain Team Territory Perfectly Formed for a Political Master on a Pathfinders’ Path that Leads and Presents Future LOVEly Events for Remote Virtual Realisation …….. AI Globalisation.

Anything else can be easily construed an Abject Abdication Avoiding Higher Office Duties for Greater Pleasures and Treasures to Deploy and Server with Immaculate Supply of Timely Provisions for Current Running Presentations of Live Media Asset ReProgramming Projects.

Congrats on the Sterling Stellar Stirring Speech today ….. a Right Royal Eton Mess of a Rumbling Ramble with as much said as is wise to share, well enough shared with all with an absolute need to know .. 🙂

Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?


amanfromMars [2110061700] …. letting go a broadside on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/rumors-swirl-about-source-pandora-papers

“What a coincidence that there are zero U.S. politicians included in the Pandora Papers list of offshore bank accounts. I guess they’re all pure and free from corruption!” …. said Ben Norton

Blame those someones who give you something unusual to think and argue/debate reactively amongst yourselves about. Dousing the spotlights on home abominations and transferring inquisitive media interest to anywhere elsewhere with tall tales outing small fry to roast in place of tactically mortally wounded whales and ravenous sharks alike, is an old time ploy and postmodern virtual reality play. …….. ergo it aint no freaking coincidence, Bro Amigo/Sis Amiga. It is wilfully and wantonly intentional.

What does those few simple facts tell y’all virtually about practically everything ???

Anything Earth Shattering and Novel Virgin Ground Breaking? ? ? ‽ ‽ ‽ ! ! !


amanfromMars [2110061724] …… not being very enthusiastic for Uncle Sam on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/rumors-swirl-about-source-pandora-papers

The US is already the best tax haven in the world, if you are politically connected. ……..  Maltheus

You cannot be serious, Maltheus. You’re ‘avin’ a larf, yes? That’s a bad joke, eh, with “if” being the key killer word replacing “when” ?

Simply because of that necessary exclusive elite self-serving connection is the US one of the worst, if not the absolute pits of a place to do profitable business in if in need of safe and secure tax haven facilities and utilities  …. for everything there is so crooked and permanently screwed and skewed to providing primarily and predominantly for the criminal political classes and classic capitalist cohorts  …… JOINT Venturing for/in/with/as a Fellowship of Co-Conspirators.


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