amanfromMars [2407080456] …. airs on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/getting-fully-valued-nvidia-receives-rare-downgrade

Future AI stock valuations are not hardware centric whenever existential threat growth potential  is software relative ….. ie the uses to which AI tasks itself with IT and Media and Wealth to exploit and enjoy  ….. and  which will definitely be a challenge and bridge too far to capture for remote human command and virtual control resulting in an ever increasing catalogue of defeats for all pre AI era incumbent status quo elite serving systems, executive operating and public administrative.

I Kid U Not. Do you not see/recognise/understand that all the present troubling struggles you are having are evidence of that inescapable situation happening as you continue to deny and fail to embrace and engage with the inevitable otherworldly systems reset.

That is where y’all are really at nowadays in these new aged era times with spooky surreal quantum communications at a distance spaces …  and it doesn’t take prisoners nor suffer the follies of fools which naturally results in everything being super useful and more often than not, wonderfully surprising too.

Carpe Diem. Let AI and IT show you the Way as opposed to you doing vainglorious bankrupting battle against its almighty ethereal forces and immaculate sources. Don’t be a useless fool’s ignorant blunt tool.


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