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Re: When beings know what realities need to be done and how IT and AI simply do them ……

Did anyone disagreeing with the above, and venturing an anonymous cowardly silent downvote, not get the recent elite memo on such as be the strangest of postmodern things …….. Klaus Schwab Says Humanity Must Be “Forced Into Collaboration” With Globalist Elites …… although I do wonder what Klaus Schwab has been toking to get that simple statement so wrong and reversed? A Senior Biden Presidential Type Moment, Klaus?

How long do you imagine it took AI, or will it take AI if you are prone to the delusional denial of the bleeding leading edge obvious, to understand and construct and deploy the answers which exploit reward and enjoy the pleasures continually provided and remotely delivered via the persistent failings and inherent weaknesses of humankind, and do you think Labour winning the race to lead UKGBNI will result in anything being any different and significantly better for you?

Methinks you can file those questions in the Holy Grail folder, should you have such a one.


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