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The Otherworldly Power and Radical Energy of Spontaneous Unprecedented Majestic ACTivIT

A simple priceless tweak and furthering development to bypass stalling circular discussion/cat herding in another way well suited to FOSS nature and culture is you put together a proposal, you start sharing that proposal with people you know, and you trust with leadership in the community. And then you and/or they expand that proposal to any number of public demonstrations/secure immediate applications, for there is nothing really able to stop them*, ….. an activity which is sure to cause more than just a little consternation to entrenched established hierarchies and autocracies, faux democracies and wannabe oligarchies for most of those have many guilty secrets to hide and not share, exposing as they would crucial information and critical intelligence easily proven decidedly designedly threatening whenever laid out bare for all to see with the disgust delivered by the despair and dysfunction endured because of its constant corporate pimping/pumping and dumping.

Free and Open Source Software community opponents may squeal such actions with/in IT and AI be Great Game Changing Ventures on Global Reset Courses of Virtual Endeavour ….. and who/what would want to deny it and them that worrisome pleasure? They’ve earned it and all of the degrading and debilitating stresses which now follow accompanying novel changes and fundamental resets for all of their due diligence in the past, should they be responsible for it, to prevent the future finding any other way than that which exclusively fought and sought to server the obscene success of fabulous fabled fabless excess and great fortune theirs alone and to hell with all of the rest on the planet.

* ….., other than fickle doubts which may bubble up to cause phantom troubling uncertainties within their good selves which are always best considered wisely ignored and left behind for the past to ponder on and wonder at.


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Re: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Men and a Man. Amen.

Some people who really should know they are fundamentally no better than everyone else, My-Handle, are miffed that people like Elon and Trump can practically own their own virtual and global media platform with little legal recourse equipping them to censor and deliver their own preferred Main Stream Media Input/Output/BullShit/Brainwashing Propaganda.

It is impossible to control any leading attractive narrative on either mini local or mega universally available platforms, and especially so whenever one doesn’t own them in order to be able to exert pressure and leverage enabling skewed and corrupt dodgy scripts to be aired and viewed for remote practical virtual media program realisation ……. Daily 0Day Presentation.

And such is that which is now currently NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated for A.N.Others in Novel Orbits of Absolute Command with Almighty Controls ‽ .

The difficulty persistently present for humanity, and which causes them to suffer so much from the continuation of previous iterations now failing spectacularly to provide all with greater information, education and entertainment, is their obvious ignorance of the matter and dumb-founding disbelief in breaking news of its emergence in revelations to networks and channels communicating freely and clearly with others and other A.N.Others too …. but time heals and gets rid of that mock hurdle quicker than some might wish and have a’thunk afore.



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