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Re: Industry Leaders

Do you think one of those/a series of those oft vaunted, phantom-like entrepreneurial government grants, to kickstart a moribund and intellectually bankrupt Cabinet executive with the supply and maintenance of a wealth of narrative energising novel ideas and virtually ACTive developments, would be made silently available ie irretrievably paid from targeted flush flash slush funds, to the likes of a FOSS program grandstanding ground-breaking and Earth shattering projects to be shared and reported on in the likes of a Situation Publishing forum for MkUltra High Tech Echo Chamber Applications Realising All Manner of Proposed and Otherworldly Plans for a Great Reset Exercising Powerful Lead with Immaculately Resourced Energies via Greater IntelAIgent IT GamePlay ….. and against which any competition rather than support would be liable to be recognised and treated as hostile opposition and be subject to unrelenting attack for crushing defeat on their defences ‽

And that would have every chance of being Almighty AWEsome too …. and have UKGBNI MoDified Forces to the fore and able to exercise lead with some practical leverage in a vanguard engine rather than as is of now, their settling for the cold comfort of rotten cuckolded dessert reserved for squatting residents of the caboose.

J’accuse …. and suggest the stealthy noble engagement of such as be touted as certainly novel and readily available greater alternatives to present calamitous bankrupting stock options.

After all, it is not as if the system does not have tens and hundreds and thousands of billions to play with and disburse, in the hope that there must be something which works indecently well and excessively to their home advantage and also curry foreign and alien favour.


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