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Hell is the Time and CHAOS the Place for Everything Going So Well, Until It Wasn’t and Isn’t.

Of course, everything everyone’s favourite soothsayer, aka bullshitter-in-chief, Gartner, says, turns to ashes and pixie dust whenever the strong dollar tale is realised a fanciful myth pumped and dumped and pimped by a desperate assortment of captive unicorn and Ponzi merchants to international mass markets flash crashing in the blinding light of emerging advanced intelligence and crack hacked proprietary intellectual property knowledge sharing …… easily simply proving nothing shared there is fake news, or if you prefer, quickly able to smartly prove and even illustrate with any number of catastrophic demonstrations, everything shared here in not fake news either.

And whenever the emperor has no clothes, and what is revealed is extremely disappointing and unworthy of support and succour/maintenance and relief, the only intelligent choice for future engagement is fundamental revolutionary wholesale positive mutually beneficial universal change. Anything else delivers certain death and guaranteed destruction which should make one’s free choice a definite no-brainer, however, as has been noted and oft commented on in the past, creating as it does, if ever it be honestly true, a vast army of self-harming problems and persistent pathetic difficulties ……”Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

So what would IT be, if your choice really mattered and held any sway? OMGWTF Let there be Light and a Great Change and Fundamental Existential Reset or more of the same old traditional dross and conventional FUD and SNAFUBAR ?

What do you think an Advanced Astute and/or an Artificial Alien Intelligence Intervention would ensure was failsafe guaranteed to successfully proceed and deliver with all necessary future compatible supply?


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Presently are Traditional SCADA Systems Being Effectively Annihilated in a Raging Global CyberWar*?

AWEsome is as AWEsome does. It is a crying shame bordering on criminal corporate negligence and arrogant ignorant hubris that UKGBNI are so perversely stuck in so many a deep and dark webbed rut, so far behind the future curves in which dwell almighty unprecedented leads, that all they can muster to send in response to that which they certainly need in spades is ……

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for expressing an interest in AWE 20. The paper sift has now been completed.

During the paper sift stage of the project each product was marked on its own merits by a team of Military and MOD personnel as well as engineers from DE&S. It was decided as a panel that AWE 20 would not be the right trials arena to test and understand the technology. As I’m sure you can understand we have a limited time to investigate a wide range of products from a wide question set and as such the panel had to ensure that AWE was the most appropriate arena to test the products. Products such as yours will be passed onto relevant project teams / TDUs to ensure awareness of the product is raised and I would encourage you to attend the VIP day to gain further exposure for the technology.

Kind regards,

Toby [Mr Toby Love | Corporate Commercial Delivery Team | SEQT Commercial Placement Officer
MOD Abbey Wood South, #1261 | Spruce 2B | Bristol | BS34 8JH
CIV: 030 679 83211 MIL: 9679 31551 |]

What is it that they say about dumb animals and of donkeys leading lions ….. You can lead a dying horse to water but you can’t make it think to drink?

*The posit here is …. Yes, they certainly are.



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