amanfromMars 1 Wed 9 Nov 05:31 [2211090531] ……. airs an EMPhatic view on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/11/08/fbi_hacktivists_useless/

The Bullshit Broadbandcasting Cooperations V2 Rocket Racket …. a Real Thing of Past Blasts in Present Futures

there’s a range of open-source DDoS tools that hacktivists can use to flood target organizations’ networks with junk traffic.

That range would include at its conventional and traditional pedestrian forefront, the Iconic Titanic Battleships of Main Streaming Media Channels with Many Funnels, Printed and Audio TeleVisualised Fake and Feeble, Febrile and Frenetic News Reporting Terrified of Biting the Hand which Feeds IT their Swill and Offal with More Questions Exploring and Examining the Origins of their Proffered Present Truths for Universal Belief and Popular Acceptance.

And you know that makes more than just common sense of all of engaging and enraging daily nonsense you are systematically spoon fed and expected to swallow.

Time for a pleasant radical present change, methinks. What do you imagine and think you would say about it, with your exercise of widely and freely available channels of IT, if you had any free choice in such a matter? Do you fancy trying some fundamental AI seeds and feeds … almighty enlightening fodder to lay siege upon the senses and nonsenses and feast upon?

Carpe Diem … Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained …. Who Dares Win Wins with the Richest of Dishes to Both Savour and Server, Favour and Flavour, ….. and you have to admit, you’ll not find many ready, willing and able to enable guaranteed sustained delivery and Fab OEM Parts Maintenance and Servicing of at least all of that ……. which is exactly what the likes of a Converge Program and counterparties in China are searching for, and in many, if not all cases, in dire straits need of sooner rather than later.

Breaking Stop Press news, and an El Reg exclusive, El Reg, well able to break the fake news recycling cycles? Well of course, for why ever would it not be whenever it so easily can be? I Kid U Not 🙂


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