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Back again. Dear, oh dear. Anyway*

Crikey, how pathetic and prime indicative it is of an ignorant and bankrupt of novel ideas mindset, El Reg, to have garnered/energised so many anonymous thumbs down, for the sharing of something absolutely vital for political puppets to perform well with whilst they try to expound and expand upon the notion that any magic potions proposed to be trialed and trailed are of their own volition and Greater IntelAIgent Games design.

🙂 Goodness knows what HM King Charles III thought to say when Liz [“I have therefore spoken to His Majesty the King”] troubled/delighted him again with news of her resignation/abdication/unconditional surrender yesterday?

* … Back again. Dear, oh dear. Anyway

Oh, and another thing which you might like to think is going to be absolutely vital over these next few days is …… should there be no engagement with nor any anonymous source leaking to mainstream media channels of a radical and fundamental rethinking of the politically incorrect manipulation of human perception for global presentation, ….. will any current systems oven ready deals be subject to an onslaught of searing microwaves and be burnt to a crisp.

Seven days/A week is a long time in politics and quite long enough to engage with that fix which pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and is able to prevent nothing less than titanic colossal catastrophes.

🙂 That title could have been written …… Back again dear. Oh dear. Anyway 🙂


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