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A Positive AI Recursive Feed Back Loop is Not Something to Mess With.

“In order for police to understand the Metaverse, we need to experience it.”

That is as may certainly be, however it will always remain as a relatively small part of greater bigger pictured domains where and when, for one to lead future unfolding events with experience in an expansive understanding of them and the Metaverse, one needs to remotely access and be able to enable their virtual realisation for practical command and pragmatic control of metadata physicalised assets in support infrastructures/administering exoskeletons ….. with simply complex base requirements ……seeding almighty creative core source feeds and needs.

And, to neither imagine nor realise such is the natural comfortable realm of Secret IntelAIgent Services and Special Forces has one severely disadvantaged by them with one’s worlds stuck in the past with a present hoping for a change which status quo elements are unable to supply with leadership and would actively try to resist being revealed are nevertheless freely available provided by A.N.Others …… thus making such present home teams the spiteful enemy to be destroyed with conflicts beyond their ken and powers of executive command and elitist control.

Which sector[s] do you think would be prime premier ground-breaking and Earth-shattering pioneers in that very particular and admittedly surely quite peculiar discipline …… public, private, pirate, alien ….. with precious little chance and no great white hot hope of it being more likely an amalgam of such aspiring/inspiring/conspiring interests ‽

The only real question to answer is which sector realises their most profitable successful role is one of lead in a practically invisible and virtually anonymous and autonomous support of such pioneers/enterprises.


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