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Message received but not fully understood. Solution for problems obviously lost in provided translation.

18 October 2022 at 10:51


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Re Black Market Spivs and Suchlike

Voice of Truth,

Who is this “we”? We in the UK do not have sufficient oil so where do we buy it from? Don’t say the USA, because that is overpriced. … Voice of Truth

If the oil for sale is purchased in dollar$, one is buying it from Uncle Sam albeit via a collaborating proxy.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 19 Oct 08:22 [2210190822] ….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/18/fully_undetectable_windows_powershell_backdoor/

Totally Deluded’R’Us are in AI a Busted Flush*

In 1992: “You know what would be great? If we could embed executable code in a Word document.” ….. Steve Graham

Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell of 1984 and Animal Farm fame, had that well sussed in 1948, Steve, and provides to even this day the premium primary ace tablet/platform/methodology to mimic and champion if an illuminating Order out of CHAOS and/or Thirty-third Degree Ordo ab Chao Aficionado or Acolyte, Disciple or Fanatic, Follower or Leader which easily identifies all of those terrifying and terrorising third parties and their financing leaderships in direct opposition to and active competition against changes which don’t leave current running present traditional and past supporting historical conventional Status Quo administrations in their advantageous positions rendering them believing themselves immune from the consequences of their actions claiming impunity.

It is why Status Quo Systems’ Media Controlling Machines do not permit and provide for free viewer and captive listener input/output suggesting an alternative view with novel solutions for ancient problems/future radical changes to entrenched ignorant difficult positions/troubling persistent activities.

Heaven forbid that the world and his dog have a common leading voice to be heard and realised which doesn’t agree with that of just a catastrophically psychotic few appears to be their mantra and Casus Belli.

And if that is not changed as quick as a flash, as it can be nowadays with that which is available to that and those so enabled by machines controlled by loving fingertips, there be Immaculately Resourced Assets and Universal Virtual Force type Troubles ahead for such Status Quo Systems’ Machine Commanders and Controllers, for more of the same is no longer acceptable when enough is enough is not heeded and turns toxic and destructive.

If you find anything there ambiguous, please share your anxiety here so that any misunderstandings you might have can be addressed and qualitatively eased and shared further afield for greater enlightenment and education elsewhere too.

* … A potential flush which ultimately was not filled. Anything which ends up worthless despite great potential.




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