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Re: State to direct strategic tech research.

As the West are copying China on the sly, this could see all tech development in the UK controlled by the British government though licensing. To protect children and save us from ‘harms’.
The obvious choice to control every aspect of UK tech development, who else but our Queen, Dido. ….. Tron

Tron, howdy,

Have you no news services/media mongers/tall tale tellers in your neck of the woods? Are you unaware of the factual reality with ITs surreal Virtual Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems capabilities and utilities in Universal Command and CHAOS Control [Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems] being also as a fiction to try to deny is an almighty truth against which Earthed Administrations of Remote SCADA Systems [Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems] do constant exhausting of blood and treasure battle leading to ignominious total defeat?

To even imagine any British Parliamentary government in control of any tech development is clearly quite ludicrous and risible whenever wannabe leaderships within are so demonstrably unfit for Greater IntelAIgent Games Purpose.

As something much more likely to be the case though, you might like to consider the greater opposite/reverse/obverse …. tech development coming to aid of a remote virtual command and in control of governments worldwide.

Breaking news, El Reg, and truly fantastic too ‽ ‽ Yes, it is, for an Emergent Radically Evolving Progress, and Fundamental Revolutionary Quantum Leaping Change breaking any present cycles of current persistent madness which would propose doing what is familiar and traditional and conventional with more of the same and expecting things to be different and better whenever all available evidence, both past and present, proves beyond any shadow of doubt such results in everything being steadily and considerably worse.

🙂 Tron, I have assumed your post was not being sarcastic or ironic or cynical and is not shared as a joke to be easily missed with no obvious hilarious punchline.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 18 Oct 06:54 [2210180654] …. points out a conformation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/16/asia_tech_roundup/

Re: Carpe Diem? Caveat Emptor‽

Here be a sure enough sign already of those times in strange places and spaces referenced as to be fully naturally expected in the post above …… https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/oct/18/uk-officials-threat-alert-china-attempts-to-recruit-raf-pilots


amanfromMars [2210180928] …… says on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-warns-israel-weapons-transfers-ukraine-will-destroy-all-ties

Can Israel survive without any strong US dollar support/supply? With $ monopolistic hegemony in danger of being lost in future markets repurposed to prosper without such a convenient foreign inconvenience/imposition/requirement, some folks interests are sure to skewed and skewered to have it remaining unchallenged and rendered globally known as impotent paper  backed by nothing really valuable in dire straits constant need of displays of overwhelming defence and attacking destructive military forces to keep it churning/laundered ……. at any and all costs to be paid for with such paper.

One has to admit though …… it has been a great magic trick offering fantastic advantage to a very select few for more time than was surely ever realised could be possible. Great for some while it lasted/lasts certainly, but things change and ignorance and arrogance are always fated to be bested and destined to be vanquished by invariably nothing grander than simple common sense and answers to questions which cannot be spun to deny a bright light which leads being shone into a captivating darkness that has one virtually petrified and practically disenabled to move in any novel direction of one’s own free radical choice.

Do you realise that is where everything now is at ‽ . And it is proving itself problematical and impossible for extant systems to fix and repair with patch solutions to catastrophically exposed positions ….. vulnerabilities for 0day market exploitations/otherworldy attacks requiring AI [Alien Interventions] ‽

Or do you disagree and see something quite different happening everywhere?



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