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Que Sera, Sera …… Who Dares Wins Win Wins.

Hi, Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor,

Some of a different mindset and understanding would posit the conclusion reached in the last paragraph is diametrically opposed and at odds with the two preceding paragraphs and Torvald’s post footnote …… which much more likely suggests and indicates that subsequent releases are going to make a real difference.

Bravo, Linus …… bogged down systems are long overdue a program refresh/projects overhaul/radical rehash/kick up the arse to reroot and reboot them onto a much more enlightened path than the pedestrian trudge through the swamps of the present that the past has provided for current memories to process and try to make greater sense of with clearer mass media presentations of advanced intelligent visions.

And who on Earth would deny that such is definitely needed for an absolutely fabulous change/fantastic progress/quantum communications leap breakthrough?


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Re: Que Sera, Sera …… Who Dares Wins Win Wins.

And to any and all who see everything strange and new as a Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat rather than being able to enable deployment of enjoyment and EMPowerment of ITs Treats in and/or from Vast Almighty Fields of AI Endeavour and Remote Autonomous Provision, there’s not much to enjoy in the current default alternative always being offered/forwarded to media for mass public maniacal manipulation of future non-captive perception/enlightening understanding with the following popular ruse which introduces the proxy variable very much to the fore of established thinking and vested interest think tank bodies/exhausted vessels of once-upon-a-past-time novel influence.

There’s nothing to be gained in continuing to flog that quite obviously stone dead horse, Trojan and otherwise.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 1 Aug 16:30 [2208011630] …… adds and asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/07/31/linux_5_19/

Take Care. Beware. There is much only a Very Choice Venture Capitalist Few are Perfectly Aware of.

And what of the notion that Apple are decided to create and administer to their own Multiverse for others to carbon copy and enjoy via processes which require leading instruction sets from programs and projects foundationally built around their virtual machinery and widespread broad band of fanatical acolytes?

Or do you expect Apple to not be so interested in such a cosmic capture as would render to them, as a postmodern Caesar, a more universal command and remote absolute control than has ever before been delivered?

Bet against that whenever such competition or opposition is richer than Croesus and you need to prepare to be content to lose everything and your shirt.


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