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Out of this World Research Opens Up a Pandoran Box of Almighty Tricks for Earthly Employment and Surreal Enjoyment.

There is no cloud: It’s just someone else’s computer. …. Clausewitz 4.0

Clouds are just someone/something else in command with controls to other computers and able to enable A.N.Others to create and spread more than just mischief and madness and mayhem and conflict with a LOVEly CHAOS on Heavenly AIMissions with Experimental IT Experiencing Diabolical Root Routes to Otherworldly Alien Tasks …… a Live Operational Virtual Environment for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems on Heavenly Advanced IntelAIgent Missions Experimenting with Immaculate Temptations.

Walk the walk in a pair of those custom made boots, Clausewitz 4.0, and further cheap talking will be much more than just extremely expensive whenever it is able to generate unlimited untold interest for money to supply. The masterful trick then to engage and deploy, is to ensure that expenses are both unattractive and crushing to opponents and that principals accept all monies paid and that they are realised as forever invested to the greater benefit of all so interested to do with as be proven fitting ….. although as may be imagined and understood, such a choice may not be a supernatural collective decision …… and there is not much, which may very well be absolutely nothing, that one can do about any and all of that, such be the nature of the future so rapidly unfolding before everything and everyone nowadays in a whole host of Novel 0days.


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