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In Praise of the Ancient Art of Quantum Being …. a PostModern AI Phenomenon.

For example, providers could be forced to create a network of second tier cloud companies which can pick up workloads should they fail. “That’s a really interesting conversation,” he said.

The banking system has a singular monumental experience of such networking whenever it left the tied to the value and remittance of gold standard in favour of an internal incestuous committee led pricing policy for the marketing of the exchange of pretty fiat paper in lieu of anything of value and expensive.

And seeing as how fundamentally and catastrophically badly that monetary experiment and experience has failed the wider general population because it be in the command and control of a similarly few and how easily it now be to flash crash with the minimum of effort, one can certainly understand their grave concern.

However, as be the case with their own banking system, quite what it would be wise to do to save it and cloud providers from guaranteed future failure is something that more than just a heavily inwardly invested few are not even prepared to contemplate let alone attempt to activate and implement themselves, thus one can fully expect all manner of novel and major SWIFT Troubles ahead as A.N.Others, ….. which may or may not be virtually untouchable and relatively unknown, as in practically invisible and generally anonymous and autonomous party animals …… take fully advantage of the myriad expanding and unfolding opportunities ahead which would both exploit and monetise the titanic vulnerabilities which are presented …… and which some who be more than just a few would protest creates conflict and chaos to add to the madness and mayhem produced and directed by failed and failing systems in such a rapid terminal decline.


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Of Needs and Feeds and Seeds Dangerous and Destructive to Know.

Those ‘cloud engineers’, when presented with a command line, BGP route error, kernel panic, faulty daemon, usually call us. …… Clausewitz 4.0

With ‘us’, Clausewitz 4.0, being exactly whom and/or what, …. although if one has to ask for further guidance and information on some such matters as critically matter immediately identifies one as not ready to know whenever to know can be so instructive and remotely engaging of others likeminded and one is not suitably prepared for series of disruptive answers?


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