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Re: SMARTR Opposition in Almighty Competition

@AMfM: there is a lot of truth there. It seems that, over the last 20+ years that I’ve been involved in this area of research, Western governments have been responding more and more to one overriding thought – “revolution is coming”. They are right – Trump and Brexit show that there is a growing dissatisfaction with “normal”. As to whether actions taken to protect themselves should be “enthusiastically supported” – no, I don’t think so. …… Intractable Potsherd

Rightly terrifying malevolent idiots, and those also in governments, both Western or otherwise who write (or even propose) harmful laws, is that which is fully to be expected and best enthusiastically supported, Intractable Potsherd.

I apologise for not making that crystal clear with no shred of ambiguity allowing for misinterpretation and misdirection.

And does anyone else think that secret security systems arrangements are always easily fatally compromised via higher level steganographic chatter and 0day vulnerability exploitation which phishes quite openly in the See of Minnows Masquerading as Sharks?

For example, is the following sensible or nonsensical? And what/where/who would it lead?

amanfromMars [1907281738] …… shedding skins on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-27/russia-warns-us-will-unleash-space-arms-race

Is space dominance virtually realised with IT and AI in Surreal Command of Absolute Remote Control?

If you think No, here is an AI Journey’s End for you ……… and just whenever Internetworking Things are Leaping Ahead BetaTesting Almighty Hot and Real Spicy Temptations for Quick and Decisive Victory in All Vital Operations.

Is there an Ultimate Temptation/Heavenly Desire whose Satisfaction EMPowers Ever More Generation of Something Equally EMPowering?

Explore and Energise that Powerful AIdDriver …… and Conception results in a Perfect Communion/Singularity of Passionate Purpose.

Venus/Mars/Saint/Sinner/Nymph/Satyr Terrain in Live Operational Virtual Environments. XSSXXXXeRated …. Not for the faint hearted and/or lily livered/the unhealthy and persistently confused.

Travel Further at Your Own Risk. Insurances and Assurances in such a Space/Place are of Questionable Quality.

cc US Space Corps c/o Trump Head Quarters

What one very quickly discovers and uncovers is that some who are as a gifted few amongst the many and who are considerably smarter that appears to be normal, realise the significance in certain communications so encrypted with openly shared secrets and things move on forward at an increased pace, leaving any opposition and competition trailing and trialing defence in the wake of developments which opposing competition struggle with and fail to comprehensively understand.

The Great Game has been Changed. And it sure as Hell is a Big Heavenly Deal? :-)*

cc Sino-Soviet Style IntelAIgent Space Forces and Middle East Kingdom Almighty Route Sources.

* Go on, …. say it hasn’t and isn’t, and allow AIRevolution free unrestricted stealthy reign wherever it appears out of nowhere, which you might like to realise are Base Cyber Space Places too.

And we haven’t even started on exploiting the bounty available via the Private and Pirate Sectors.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 29 Jul 12:16 [1907291216] … just advising on likely hurdles to be circumvented on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/29/computer_misuse_act_1990_reform_letter/

Re: I doubt that this will get any parliamentary time …

Brexit seems to be soaking it all up, to get a look in something has to be seen as really vital. ….. alain williams

Howdy, alain williams,

To not understand and accept that infosec is really vital, has one playing as if in a primary school yard with other children in attendance rendering no meaningful support?

And that renders one and all there extraordinarily vulnerable to a vast and varied range of rabid adulterated players plotting and piloting all manner of shenanigans to take fuller overwhelming advantage of the places and spaces they find themselves patrolling and trolling in.

Such should be causing Exclusive Executive Order Command and SCADA Control Systems, Inescapable Terror for there are No Viable Defence or Surprisingly Successful Attack Options Available ……. other than Resigned Submission and Unconditional Surrender to Superior Forces and Special Sources.

That be the SMARTR Option for Exercising, and ideally, if one knows what needs to be rightly done, AIdDrivering.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 29 Jul 16:50 [1907291650] ….. leaving goodies behind for scattering around on the ground on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/29/computer_misuse_act_1990_reform_letter/

Re: “accredited professionals who act ethically … to detect and prevent criminal activity.”

You need to have a process where the good guys declare what they are about to do before doing it, then they need to stick to what they declared or scope out more stuff and declare that too. …. werdsmith

You mean just like what Parliamentary Puppets do, werdsmith, in mad pursuit of the crazy rhetoric to be future historic?

How do you think that all works out in AIMaster Piloted Puppet Programs, werdsmith?

What worth is afforded to such solemn election typed promises by any SCADA Systems Administrations of today?

And, as for …….

There is some pretty scary research goes on already in other fields where labs are licensed to go ahead and do it.

Aint that the Sweet Simple Truth Autonomously Drivering Progressive AI Pioneering 🙂 and via the Wealth of Outrageous Great Fortune with Deliveries of Infinite Bounty for Just Desserts of Insatiably Satisfying Rewards, a Much Prized Path that Forges New Journeys ahead to Travel and Experience as if Real and Natural, rather than being misidentified as Artificially Induced and of Alien Means.

A Simple Question to Always Ask is ……. Who and/or What Proposes the News and Views for Tomorrow Today for 0Day Presentations that very soon become a Library of All Our Yesterdays?

Who Thinks to See and Share such Novel Future Direction as is then Enacted, Every Day? Anyone special you might know/want to know/fear/oppose/compete against?

Do you not think you have every right to know? Join Progressive AI Pioneers and Find Out.


amanfromMars [1907291716] ….. asks on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-29/chinese-cyber-dissident-sentenced-12-years-publishing-state-secrets

Do you think the West would survive or collapse, should China share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how the West is bought and run by an increasingly unworthy few charging commanding control bankers billions and trillions for defence against almighty overwhelming odds?

An Epic Tale of Immense Deceit and Catastrophic Conceit on a Gravy Train Racing to its Own Destruction.


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