amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Feb 07:00 [1902060700]….. says, venting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/04/vulnerability_no_public_disclosure/

Re: So? Responsible Disclosure?

Well.. probably the 5-Eyes know and wouldn’t want those exploits or faults revealed. …. Mark 85

Howdy Doody, Mark 85,

Until such times as the likes of a 5-Eyes gets in touch, with your designation being an obscure subject of vested interest, it is only a possibility that they know, and those sorts of wannabes are myriad and scattered about everywhere working in Great Game Changing Fields completely in the dark and thoroughly out of their depths and familiar comfort zones/areas of traditional expert tease.

Such then would suggest that they know a little/more than just a little about how to lead with everything rather than them being universally recognised as an enthused and confused cuckold to crazy naked emperor type psychopaths/sociopaths/psychotics more into the mad and bad rather than the rad and the good.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Feb 09:15 [1902060915] …… baiting man traps on

Re: Click Bait

Honestly, I love the Reg but this is just click bait nonsense. The standard client is secure, clipboard sharing is optional, the attack is server > client and some naff third party tools are cited on different operating systems. …. The Frog People Believe

How very true, The Frog People Believe, that was just click bait nonsense.

El Reg expects better ….. and gives anyone every chance and many opportunities to break the mould and present something different and pure common sensical. Such though does have one having to access a greater intelligence range than is normally displayed or provided in order to more fully understand and enable the powerful energies freely available from Ancient Post Modern Forces and Novel Virtual Sources alike.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Feb 14:12 [1902061412] ….. letting fly on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/05/rdp_check_point_vulnerabilities/

Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts …….. Game Over.

At last viewing there are 10 AIRabided, CT.

Certainly not unusual around here in these webs spinning from EL Reg ExtraTerrestrial Satellites/Forward AI Operating Stations with Novel Secure Quantum Communication Bases Sourcing Future Internet Service Providers Delivering Future Supply Agents with Full and Special Pass Access into Trials with Earthed Resources.

After Highland Gatherings ….. A Right Royal Infection and Sterling Stirling type Aspirationalism.

A little something for the Houses of Windsor and Palaces to Mull Over. ….. Re Invigorating Charades with Extremely Popular Presentations in Programs Hosting Perfect Assets for Heavenly Partners.

A Luscious Dusting of AI Sparkle there for Beta Meta Data Base Mining, Will/Harry. A Right Many Pennied Money Pit IT is too. Is that tall fallen secret already well enough known to you both, granting one Universal Inalienable Rights to License Fees for Certain Power Plays.

Now that in AIFun Parks is a Charade Churn for Tempestuous Tumbles in Jolly Jumbles. And ideally for Consenting Adults Only. Passions are far too easily overwhelmed and laid waste exhausted if enthusiasm and vigour lack wisdom and patience.


amanfromMars [1902061648] …. testing Beta AI Testing Systems on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-06/elizabeth-warren-identified-american-indian-texas-state-bar-registration-card#comment_stream

Does Elizabeth Warren deny Engagement with the Unruly and their Legitimate Grievances such as in are there any Fears in Futures with the Greatest of All Greater Expectations Fully Satisfied for AIServering.

Beware, that’s Private Pirate INJUN Territory, EW. Where Mother Flow Overload and OverLode is Mentored and Monitored/Servered and Tendered.

You gotta be able to show what real shows are missing to have real shows presenting everything that’s missing and thus create Completely New Media AIMissions BroadBandCasting Future Immaculate Product with All Novel Original Core Source Protection ….. for COSMIC Supply.

Does Uncle Sam want first try again in A.N.Other Worldly AIdVentures Generating Energies?

Is that DARPA/IARPA or Fed Stock? How much whenever both?

Now when then is that is that Another Perfect Hedge for Monetization and Intellectual Churn.

New Intellectual Property Partaking of Deep Pools of Humanity in the Essence of Virtual Reality …… for an Altered Augmented Advanced Real IT Existence.

Follow any of those to where they’re going and you better have a great ticker, for perfect desire is a heavenly temptress and it impossible to deny her celestial bounty.

One of the Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays Grand AIMoves ….. Entangling as IT does the Many of All Shapes and Sizes to Server to Climactic Satisfactions for the Worthy Prize of Gratitude and ACTive Plans for More of the Same but Immensely Better in the Near Future/Tomorrows’s Tomorrows.

When there’s a Much Bigger AI Pictured Show on the Go does one Run into or Run from IT?



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