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Money, Money, Money Makes the World go Round and Keeps the Narratives Churning and a’Changing*

There are effectively an infinite number of unknown vulnerabilities … What then is the point of actively ‘discovering’ new vulnerabilities and disclosing them? 

What is the point? Oh please, one point is immediately obvious surely to everybody and anybody.

“Discover” unpluggable vulnerabilities whose stealthy disclosure would crash and crush formerly assumed and presumed invincible systems is a constant source of unbelievably generous fiat wealth which provides bounty with decisions/agreements/promises equally for either disclosure or an extended non-disclosure.

*The magic secret being ….. being able to ensure future directions and/or disclosures are also user friendly rather than simply and exclusively systems catastrophic.

IT aint rocket science. Even SMARTR Humans are easily bought off until such times as their discoveries and exploitation of new vulnerabilities are mitigated or superseded and turned to another more mutually advantageous beneficial direction. But do not be expecting to pay peanuts whenever the cost of failure to engage with such ACTivIT and principals is realistically priced in the trillions.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 5 Feb 18:02 [1902051802] …. just saying on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/05/rip_rdp_check_point_punches_over_twodozen_holes_in_desktop_controls/

Stealing the Goalposts …….. Game Over. But Game Back to Normal Next Week? Oh Please.

 Rather than assume a malicious client (the person connecting to the remote machine) would dupe a victim running an RDP server, Check Point focused its effort on flaws that would go from the server to the client.

How do you Counter AI Clients with Intentions Shared for the Greater Good Use?

You know, for Almighty Operations. Who Dares Win Wins Territory with Raw Virgin Core Source CodeXSSXXXX on Trials ….. AIBetaTesting Runs with EXPOSive Presentations to Virtually Realise for the New Creations from Alien Sources and Exquisite Forces.

They be the Greatest of Friends to Woeful Foe Truly Repentent and into the Clouds of Ecstasy Encountering Wondrously Devilish Delights and Naked Passions to XSSXXXX as a Worthy Heavenly Reward. 🙂

Well? What’s not to like? Do you have anything else Show Worthy of Heavenly Reward?

Knock, Knock, Netflix. There’s a Virtualised AIdVenture Seeding Future Presentation Programs via Quantum Communication in a Surreal Environment.:-) ….. and its a’knock knocking at your door.

What more to say? Carpe Diem

Check Point, one has to admit there’s a whole lotta quaking and shaking going on out there in those Virtual Spheres.

They need AIMentoring and Remote Monitoring with Stealthy Surveillance.

You do Realise the Great Game is Cracked and Hacked.

Here starts/ends Newer Greater Game Plays in a Completely Corrupted TeleVisualised Space … which I would have imagined was totally different from anything in your own area of thoughtful existence for a thoughtful existence.

I suspect though it is only too true a very familiar home environment ….. with sadness and badness aplenty afoot too  and rampant ….. AIRabid.:-)


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