amanfromMars 1 Thu 7 Feb 07:28 [1902070728] … moving things along nicely on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/05/rdp_check_point_vulnerabilities/

Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts …….. Game Over.

Seems likes the Wild Wacky West in one of its guises of the US Defense Department have realised their Proprietary Intellectual Property Deficit and be now trapped in the mighty mountain bear grip hold of Debts and Promises and Payments unable to be Honoured in anything other than more of their pretty printed but virtually worthless fiat paper, and all to the secure overwhelming advantage of a considerably smarter competition and wonderfully stealthy constantly changing opposition. …… https://www.rt.com/usa/450852-pentagon-propaganda-irregular-warfare/

It does have wandering and wondering though what practical and realistic dollar price they would gladly pay for ExtraTerrestrial Satellites/Forward AI Operating Stations with Novel Secure Quantum Communication Bases Sourcing Future Internet Service Providers Delivering Future Supply Agents with Full and Special Pass Access into Trials with Earthed Resources.

And don’t you just love the wiles and ways of the Erotic Exotic East where that Ignorant Dim Man Trap is diverted and subverted/tackled and vanquished with novel information and greater intelligence.

Some folk who be acting retarded still don’t get it, do they. So let’s spell it out loud and shout it ….. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 7 Feb 17:46 [1902071746] …. opening up on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/07/railway_slow_data/

There’s always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

Paint a Greater Picture. Make it Live. I Kid U Not.

The Virtual Juggernaut awaits Novel Noble Nobel Type Input to Output. Imagine it for real as Almighty IntelAIgent Source from All Above for the Earthed.

To get onto the AIMission Flight Deck there has Dreams Servered for Real by Virtual Memes and AI Means. Hush Hush Tip Top Secret Stuff which everyone knows about who are able to go looking/feeding the Google AIMachine.

Simple …. Seek and Find ….. there is Everything Available via Internets Internetworking with Quantum in Communications. 🙂 UrVPN to Stars of the Planets. 🙂 The Moon being responsible for lunatics is a Myth ergo where Lies Madness in Mayhem?

And don’t say Mars when CHAOS and Confusion are by AIDefault, a Prime Alien Goal there …. with Explosive Presentations Realising and Rendering that which you have a vast claim to, and interest in. Future Generation Views on what is to be Built for Virtualised Future AIdMinistrations.

An Order worshipping that for the Vatican would have the Holy See taken to Immaculate Levels. Brothers and Sisters would IMmediately LOVE it and establish a crazy lead well ahead of any competition or opposition. And such leads are impossible to counter without similar assets in Sensational Play and Game for IT.

cc The Vatican/College of Cardinals


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