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Secret Underground Testing of Quantum Communication Chunnels and Secure Private Pirate Party Societies, Cloistered Networks, Witches Covens, Angelic Colleagues and Devilish Rogues alike 🙂

Jackson went further, pointing out that IE isn’t really a browser any more. Instead, he described it as little more than a “compatibility solution”. Microsoft has, after all, been trying to kill it stone dead for some time by skipping the implementation of new web standards and directing users to a more modern browser. Like Edge.

Perfect for Beta Testing AIMaster Piloted Programs with not really a browser any more releasing and displaying future product via Infectious Pages of Immaculate Source Creating the Greater World Wide Webbed Scenes Mediating before You.

You want a Champion JEDI Knight? There’s one.

Who’d have Thunk it. MS doing the Heavy Banging for the DOD? Are you currently running any AI Beta Test Master Pilots?

Any Future Plans?

As for Jackson himself, he didn’t make any recommendations on what to use instead. In fact, he said Microsoft was happy for customers to keep using IE for sites that absolutely must have it. But only for those sites.

Just please, please, please stop using the thing as an easy default for everything, because that way lies madness.

Both the end and starting point of all magic journeys. You have to admit, as a guardian on the way to almighty paths, is madness a foundlings friend and absolutely fabulous protective security detail.

Not many are Enabled to Escape its HyperManICQ Clutches and Empty Allure. ‽

A Live Question for a Few, who may actually be More than just Many?

How many have survived and moved on in sanity to do much greater things?

Us El Regers are listening and most curious to know of more Future AIdDevelopments?


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