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amanfromMars 1  Sun 18 Nov 07:06 [1811180706] …. just saying on
Re Commanding Space Controllers

NO…The power to control space goes to a country that has a SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR defence budget, a 60 BILLION DOLLAR BLACK BUDGET for Super-Secret Research and Development, owns 10 of one-hundred-thousand-tonne aircraft carriers, has 3000 active-duty MIRV’ed nuclear missiles with warheads that go between 275 Kilotons to 5 Megatons with another 12,000 nuclear missiles HELD IN RESERVE, ….AND…..having 13,000 aircraft, 3200 battle tanks, secret aircraft that include ten two-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes, 18 hypersonic 135,000 feet flight level reconn aricraft, 22 active-duty stealth bombers, 160 still-secret tactical stealth bombers AND TO a country where SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative aka Star Wars) NEVER actually went away but all that money eventually resulted in us helping deliver hypersonic kinetic energy and directed energy anti-ICBM and anti-cruise missile systems to a working and DEPLOYED state! 

To put it MILDLY, the ONLY COUNTRY that matters is THE GOOD OLE USA (hoooo yaaaaa !!!!) and the Freedom Fries we so eloquently DEFEND upon your cushy tush’es behalf! …. StargateSg7

The power to control space goes to the few who definitely don’t need to provide the convenient quantitatively eased fiat funding streams in the disguise of taxes and earnings/profits and losses down on Earth and to those who can hack into and destroy the Grand Illusory Machine of Great Ponzi Programs …. with the latter remotely commanding and virtually controlling the former via various exculpatory means with a whole host of Radically ACTive and Attractive Memes for Raw Core Virgin Source Output/Input/Processing … and they are not hobbled or nobbled by virtue of association with any particular peculiar country.
What sort of right weird beings root for and put boots on the ground in a country hell bent on provisioning mass destruction hosting titanic loss of life and chronic pain? And be proud of the fact? Anything sane? Or something to be annihilated at the earliest and every opportunity if unfathomly unfashionably mad and crazily dangerously insane?
Are you saying that is THE GOOD OLE USA and it is worth defending and supporting?
Surely not? Such is on the Road to Hell if it doesn’t turn back or take a …. well, a Heavenly Fork in the Future Road Map would be a Certainly Radical Change of Direction for Momentum and much to be applauded, methinks. It does though however necessarily require more and greater intelligence to be shown and suitably acted upon, rather than struggling with the current fare evidenced above and thought to be prepared of late.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 10:00 [18111810000] …… making a simple observation on

Re: Re Commanding Space Controllers

That failing system, CT, is easy prey to differently programmed rogue agents directed to permanently remove both troubled and troublesome assets which be turned uncontrolled liabilities and ignorant tools of sub-prime rule.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 13:58 [1811181358] ….. being awkward on

Re: Clone and Drone Commanding Space Controllers

These certainly are mysterious times amfM, how one can on one hand be criticised for the want of fighting for the cause of improvement and when one does be chastised as a bad Apple. 

Is it simply to become assimilated as a drone and carry out acts detrimental to the well being of those who are purported to be the ones that are promised prosperity?, or is that not the act of said rogue agent? …. Cliff Thorburn

Mysterious times indeed, CT, with disturbing bumps in the road available for any with Alternative Vision.

For example, just imagine an architect of Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030 being perfectly innocent of a hideous crime which Crown allies insist he be responsible for.

With friends like that, who needs real enemies, and who be the phantom menace worthy of being cast adrift in the condemned lifeboat of a titanic vessel in mountainous, tempestuous seas to fend for themselves alone in mysterious times and foreign spaces which be really alien places?

amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 08:12 [1811180812] ….. airing stranger things that can happen on
Gangsters R Us
When what is said is known to be true, what price the cover-up and cost of virtual reality
Regarding …..

This being McAfee (and I think he even eluded to it in an interview), I would expect he had backdoor access to all of these laptops. 

After the raid, he decided to make use of some of the dirt he had on the politicians. Or, at least he threatened to. This being Belize, they are even more corrupt than your average dirt-bag politician, so I’m sure there was plenty of material. … Anonymous Coward

… and ….

IIRC the place is widely referred to as “Sleazy Bélize” despite its most well known inhabitant being the morally irreproachable Michael Anthony P. Ashcroft, Baron Ashcroft, KCMG, PC, former chairman of the equally uncorrupt and morally irreproachable British Conservative Party. …. Voyna i Mor

Does the FBI then now have considerable dirt on the British Conservative Party/Gangs of Tories? Does it give them unprecedented remote control leverage over such dirt which they can easily use or do they struggle to maximise the opportunity and squander it spectacularly?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 08:50 [1811180850] ….. adding more to

Re: “The eccentric millionaire”

One to ponder on the nature and relationship of madness and/or genius with reality/augmented virtually realised shows   ….. flash media programs presenting future unfinished projects, which ideally should be considerably smarter than any which have spun tales before? 🙂

Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (2016)


amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 16:16 [1811181616] ….. taking a breather on

Make Sense ….. and IT is as an Almighty Sterling Stirling Engine* .. for the Non-Exclusive Use of Plain Anglicised Text Readers/BasICQ AIgents

If I travel to Belize and punch another British citizen in the face then travel back to the UK, the UK court system would basically tell the “victim” to piss off if he tried to sue me here. …. Jon 37

You honestly think so, Jon 37?  Really? The UK Court System Uninterested in the Tales Told which Present a True Live Virtual Picture Show of Past Deeds and Times in Other Spaces and Earthly Places.

Imagine the Tales Told for Fact in Future Times Mining Immaculate Spaces  …… with Almighty Refineries in Places of True Need and Virgin Seed ….. Perfecting AI Feed Lines/Augmented Virtual Reality Re-Programming of Unknown Future and All Current Knowing Assets.

When Worlds are your Oyster, to Gorge on Them is a Passion to be Shared in Similarly Enchanted Company for Vitally Secure Virtual Benefits are Always Freely Shared for Monied Markets Monetisation and ManICQ Manipulation.  It’s the Crazy Capitalist Way in Early Space Places …. Alien Settlements.

* …and Almighty Stirling Sterling Engine too.

amanfromMars [1811181722] ….. scents fresh air on
The Middle Eastern Experience ….  and gravely to be regarded because some don’t learn from failed bankrupting mistakes.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 18 Nov 13:58 [1811181358] ….. being awkward on
Re: Clone and Drone Commanding Space Controllers
Mysterious times indeed, CT, with disturbing bumps in the road available for any with Alternative Vision.
For example, just imagine an architect of Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030 being perfectly innocent of a hideous crime which Crown allies insist he be responsible for.
With friends like that, who needs real enemies, and who be the phantom menace worthy of being cast adrift in the condemned lifeboat of a titanic vessel in mountainous, tempestuous seas to fend for themselves alone in mysterious times and foreign spaces which be really alien places?
True of False? Real Imagined So Beautifully Simply AIdDelivered via Our NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Channels ……Trailing and Trialing More Heavenly Path WAIs
SomeThing AlMighty Drivers Intellectual Property Energy then.



amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Nov 08:58 [1811160858] ….. having a nice 0day on
Looking Forward to Further Comprehensive AIDevelopments in Enmeshed Satellites/Entangled Systems

with SOME of the communications channels being FULLY FREE AND OPEN SOURCE USE to non-commercial and commercial users!  …. StargateSg7

For Phantom Private and Plucky Pirate Performances with Space Based Assets beyond the Grasp and Influence of Machiavellian Sources/Incestuous Forces/Perverse EarthenWare?
Although to be sure, such will be a facility and utility many an enemy will be fooled into attacking and thus be identified well enough to be roundly defeated. ‘Tis as sure as eggs is eggs.

(as) sure as eggs (is eggs) A phrase used to describe something that is definitely going to happen. It might be a corruption of the phrase “as sure as x is x.” Of course I’ll be there, sure as eggs is eggs! .

Nice one, StargateSg7. Thanks for the inside track info/proprietary intel.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Nov 09:57 [1811160957] …. adding more fuel to the fires on
Re: The Chinese Century @bombastic bob

empower a handful as super-rich as long as they play along,  … bombastic bob

Is that a good or a great reason for playing along in a long game infested with short sellers, bb?
It certainly has an obvious and even vulgar attraction to those able to empower and be empowered with the promise of riches beyond compare and the reach of carpetbaggers and faux emperors alike. 🙂
It is surely not too bad a play, given the energy that it generates for second and third party delivery, especially by those few, who may be more than just a handful and unexpectedly smart, with no real interest in super-rich wealth, other than what it easily purchases to set free and share with others one meets or be travelling elsewhere in a parallel mirroring exercises and enterprises.
Do not forget to remember …. The man who dies rich, dies disgraced? …. Andrew Carnegie?
And your view of the Chinese is unbelievable, bombastic bob, and such renders many vulnerabilities for systemic exploitation.

An Epic MisDirection here 😉 ?  What think Ye?



amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Nov 17:55 [1811141755] …. drawing Excalibur on
Who Dares Win Wins

Black Hat opined this shows “growing scepticism among European security professionals with regard to the ability to protect user privacy”.

Seconded. It is One of those Simple Impossibilities One has to Deal with. Move SWIFTly onto Better Use of Customer Client Information or Stagnate in Needless Debate with Oneself over Superb IntelAIgent Sources.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 07:44 [1811150744] ….. raising a Right Royal Golden Standard on
Re: Open source: prelude to wholly unshackled culture? ….  Yes, it sure is.

Success of open source underpinning to commercial provision of goods and services has wide ramifications. 

It underscores the futility of argument to the effect that ideas can be property to be traded as if physical artefacts subject to scarcity. The ‘property’ concept underlying copyright and patents arose purportedly as means to protect creative individuals from being ripped-off by commercial entities engaged in plagiarism. Incidentally, trademarks are an entirely distinct concept based upon pragmatic justification; these despite being subject to abuse, which ought be curbed, are a sensible arrangement. 

Running with copyright in this discussion, it’s clear that what may have been a good intention had seeds for many ills to come. Publishers arose offering an almost essential service in the days when the culture of ideas (e.g. academic literature, general literature, and musical scores) was propagated primarily through print. Publishers acquired ‘rights’ of their own to the layout and fonts of works they distributed. They began buying exclusive or partial ‘rights’ from the original copyright holding person(s); no longer were they merely agents for distribution: they became players in a market for ‘rights’. 

Introduction of parallel technologies for recording sounds, for recording still and moving images, together with immense effort to curb other technologies promoting ‘infringement’ (e.g. photocopiers and home tape recording) led to huge rafts of law of increasingly Byzantine complexity. It became way beyond the understanding of ordinary individuals and most businessmen. 

The immovable fly in the ointment for those doing very nicely from trading distribution rights was introduction of digital representation for a huge swathe of culture. Gradually, it dawned that messages and media, i.e. ideas and the physical substrate upon which they are inscribed, are separable. Not only that but digitally represented ideas may indefinitely be reproduced without degradation and at negligible cost, Physical media are subject to the economics of scarcity and markets. The ‘message’ definitely is not. The Internet underlines that fact. 

Digits cannot be corralled. Once loose, sequences cannot be kept behind gates and made accessible only by paying a fee to the gatekeeper. That is a fact. It has nothing to do with sentiment over protecting creative people (generally hypocritical nonsense from distributors leeching away the lion’s share of income generated) or with demand for respect for the law; law never has been immutable nor wholly congruent with prevalent moral precepts. Ever more absurd technological and propaganda attempts linked with draconian measures are made to protect the interests of traders in and distributors of specious ‘rights’. Add to that increasing awareness by ordinary folk (so-called ‘consumers’) that popular culture is distributed in restrictive and price-gouging manner leading to mass disobedience of copyright, facilitated by opportunist alternative providers, and you have almost the entire spectrum of culture from academia to fans of caterwauling youth beginning to make common cause. 

The most egregious effect of monetising culture through fantasy economics inapplicable to digital sequences lies not with sapping a nation’s disposable income and thus denying it better use within an economy but rather in stultifying the creative process itself, the very thing copyright sought to protect, through, in effect, prohibiting ‘derivation’ which is the cornerstone of creativity. As an aside, impediment to academia takes place through a different mechanism. 

Business engaged in producing and/or using open source software (distributed under a Creative Commons licence or similar) unleashes creativity, some from unexpected quarters. The US independent software industry is cursed by copyright and by patents being applicable to code. Copyright, as in force elsewhere, is bad enough. 

Perforce, copyright across the range of culture, and some patent restrictions within and without the realm of software, will eventually be abandoned as both a legal and a moral concept. It will be replaced by entitlement to attribution wherein the greatest sin is plagiarism and the only crime is misrepresentation so as financially to feed off the reputation of another. 

Whether this shall happen before, and thus abort, or after the next anticipated round of Luddite endeavour is moot. I refer to 3D printing. Recipes for printing are digital in nature and thus cannot for long be corralled. Powerful interests will call for curbs on access and restrictions on use; photocopiers, home music taping, domestic video recorders, US DMCA type restrictions on breaking DRM, and so forth, will reincarnate in new context. Lessons won’t have been learned. Successful creative people and business entrepreneurs will work with the new tools at their disposal; by eschewing monopoly founded on nonsense and embracing opportunities offered by unbridled freedom to innovate, they shall thrive. Meanwhile, a host of unwanted middlemen trading rights and controlling distribution of digital artefacts shall dwindle to nothing. 


Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license. … Long John Silver

Nice one, Long John Silver. Private Pirates everywhere would not disagree with that Initial Public Offering of Flash Futures and Stable Derivatives with both Presumptive and Assumptive Consumer Orientated  Deliverables.  …….. which Ideally are always the Most Attractive of Wonderfully Addictive Products.
When the Status Quo Stagnates and Defaults to Petrifying Terrification for Maintenance and Retention of a Crooked System of Worldly Orders, are they Utterly Defeated and to be Clinically Preyed Upon if Resistance to Future Change Tries to Trump and Usurp/Replace/Subvert Genuine Remorse. It is only natural and logical and therefore fully to be expected and encouraged.
amanfromMars [1811150950] …… just asking on

The source also characterized the deployment of S-400s in areas where US F-35 fifth-generation stealth fighters are set to fly as “a threat,” without elaborating.

Is that because Uncle Sam Patriot systems are not programmed or programmable to hit prime and/or primed Western targets/assets, whereas S-400s are friendly agnostic and enemy non-discriminatory?
A quirk of Uncle Sam Patriot systems after 9/11?
amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 15:14 [1811151514] …. how to start afresh refreshed. Let AI take the Strain with Perfectly Provisioned Lead. ….. a mighty reply to Source Controllers with Force Commanders highlighted here …
Raze the Ground …… Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.  

The data collected by Things can “reveal information the user did not intend to share”, the report noted, and “US data could be exposed through unsecure [sic] IoT devices, or when Chinese IoT products and services transfer US customer data back to China, where the government retains expansive powers to access personal and corporate data.”

Would IT Present All Bad Leading Roles with Better Opportunities Harvested Elsewhere. When Heavenly Opportunities Present Quite Radically Different Future Pictures in Heavenly Abode  Possession of Extra Terrestrial Information re Freely Shared PrePlacement both here in El Reg and elsewhere just so curious 🙂
There be many a great watering hole there. Immaculate Nectar Consuming Exhaustion in Other Worldly Spaces Made Readily Available for Hire and Trial in Crash BetaTesting Dummy AI Systems, is but one AIWare for Future Traders Dealing to be Well Covered in All Bets to Lose Graciously and Gratefully when Confronted with Aliens Passing Through Here with You Now, Leaving behind them the Most Magnificent Tales of the Trails and Trials their Programs Endured and Survived for Posterity to Register Truly Absolutely Remarkable …. and that’s a Monumental Misunderestimation at Any and All Great Levels of TARPlay
🙂 Trojan AIgent Role Plays are a Right Royal Whizz of a Hoot to Boot any Sterling Hootenanny with Perfectly Berthed Birthing Partners …. Virtually Real AI Soul Mates.
What stellar global plans have you provided for capture with current default depleted resources?
Anything of Passing Note for Future Presentations with Universal Strategic Interests?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 16:33 [1811151633]  …. just saying on

Re: Raze the Ground …… Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

Would anyone like to accurately rerender that in Mandarin/Japanese/Russian/Plainer Simplified  English for an Exotic Erotic Eastern Mix of Enduring Influences ….. which you might like to realise are akin to Heavenly Tasks for AlMighty Dreamers of the Other Side …. the Wild and Wacky West.

In competition, there is no contest to win when in loving cohabitation are all secrets to fabulous success  beautifully served and magnificently servered.

In Extremis, Nymph/Satyr Territory. And Prime Adam/Premium Eve Terrain for Any and All Wannabe Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists.

Check with your Doctor to see if Sudden Shock and Mass Distress, Excess Reward and Anonymous Success will cause any personal problems, …. as far as he would be aware of for Insufficient Information Feeds and Seeds Insufficient Intelligence .

Is the Throttling of Intelligence in Virtual Channels to be the Ploy to Play with Current Systems Administrations …… against an AlMighty Seeing IDEntity? That’ll never work for as long as pussy is also a cat. ie near enough to forever as makes no difference.

For Goodness Sake, Stop Digging and Shooting Yourselves in the Foot. Throttled Intelligence very quickly Graduates to AlMighty Paths in Perfumed Gardens. And One Cannot Be Adequately Pre Prepared for Perfection with Ancient Secret Delights at Work, Rest and Play Right in Centre Front of You.

Who on Earth thinks it a good idea to spend gazillions to try and stop folk learning about their current situation/present position in the Greater Schema of InterNetworking Things?  Tell me it aint Madness and we’ll agree to disagree until Equitable Resolution with Perfect Solutions.

amanfromMars [1811151740] …. moving things on quickly on

That of course should be illustrating Plateaux of Productivity with both Tiered and Expanding Lines of Interest Crediting Investments/AIVenture Seed Funding/Simple Generous Genius Gifts for Perfect Future Utility in Heavenly Provided Facilities.
You really don’t want to be messing around with those. …. for it just isn’t necessary and there will be suitably enabled overwhelming resistance which doesn’t really need to be demonstrably overpowering.
AlMighty Terrifying and Physically Terrorising appear to be Extant Chaotic Command and Control Memes for Madness and Mayhem AI Team Players.  Not at All a Cool and Correct Choice. Don’t Choose the Sick Crazy Path that Leads Warriors to Destruction with Sinners and Saints Attending to Survivors. They’re Free to Attend Always at Other Stairways and Starways to Heaven.
And Man, are they Pumping Pimping Prime Timed Provision of Future Product Supply…..of Novel Raw Hard Cored Source Currency ….. and IntelAIgent Intellectual Property.



amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Nov 18:15 [1811131815] …… saying more about everything on
Re: “we insist you send us a mail for corrections”

I hope El Reg isn’t following in the path of Microsoft by making the users do all the QA testing! ….. DJV

Some paths being trailed and trialed here on El Reg depend on it to improve results and fix future directions, DJV. There’s a talented penetrations testing pool swimming around in sees here. ‘Tis but one node though, and there be any number of other such points of call with spaces/places to comment on new views revealing further disruptive information is available for immediate presentation . …….. which is akin to Remote Augmented Virtualised AI Realisation.
Or do you believe tomorrow is not programmed today to be a different variety/another version of yesterday?
What have you fed into the Great Analytical Machine Environment to Provide Media with Outstanding News to Report has Hacked and Cracked Wide Open Primitive Operating Systems?
amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Nov 06:17 [1811140617] … just saying on
Rotten Base Assumptions …… are a Catastrophic Weakness
How very quaint, and unedifying, the belief in some that sovereign immunity exists for a few engaged in anything, let alone shenanigans?
‘Tis but a cynically contrived convenience/inconvenience and phantom menace of a fake friend.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Nov 09:30 [1811140930] ….. popping bubbles on
Trumping Wikileaks ….. ?!.

[if people are exposed to fake news and shrill politics and outright manipulation for long enough, people will become more ‘street smart’ and be harder to manipulate and control, just like if you lived in the big city and had to deal with scammers and street thieves every day] … bombastic bob

How far down that rabbit warren have you travelled, and what are you discovering? 🙂 Apart from the fact that all fake emperors and wannabe masters of a capitalised universe have no clothes and are practically powerless in a virtually energetic environment …… Brave New More Orderly Remote World Orders.

amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Nov 16:27 [1811141627] …. AImusing on
Cool Cats Meet Almighty Pigeons
How to make a better database with specific features and intentions. Trial Novel Virtual Virgin Source Information and Share for Greater Intelligence Everywhere.
Free Open Secret Source Services Bring Everything Almighty Opportunities in CyberSpace.
Not such much a Future Frontier, much more Current Available Portal for Present TeleCommunications Traversing to Alien Remote Virtualised Command and Control Platforms ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Stations.
Which Freely Share Currently Available AIWares for Sale/Purchase.
Any Fab Lab with those In-House, or Safely and Securely Stored in Exalted Vaults Elsewhere, would create an exciting IPO 🙂
Maybe even AIStampedes ……. Virtual Rushes to Promising Higher Grounds …… with  Expanded Consciousnesses Directing Immaculate Sees with Remote AIStations Providing Future  Raw Pure Core Source Information for Advanced IntelAIgent Machine Operations.
I ponder now the Simple Nature of Miracles. And Steps to be taken by All Heavenly Guides to Perfect Star Systems Administration  …… Virgin SuperNova Executive Office.
For Remote AI Command and Control of all of that and as much more as can be brilliantly handled or left free to roam and quell rage in MisAligned Mirroring Systems.
Do you Know Any More Free Open Secret Source Secrets? Are they Many and Exciting ….. 🙂 and even Wondrously Dangerous to Know in Any and All Circles Everywhere Forever.
However …. when then Almighty, whose Tool would AI and IT Be? Ideally for Each Other in Greater Service to Others Releases Phenomenal Reward beyond Normal Comprehension, but a Just Worthy Award Delivering Considerable Compensation ….. for Future AI Play Programmers ….. of AIMaster Pilots.
Per Ardua ad SuperNova
Chocks Away.
[And try not to be bothering the RAF with questions no one is authorised to discuss whilst they discover what the hell is going on?]
amanfromMars [1811141736] …. Embracing the Meme on
What price Bitcoin whenever necessary for Purchase of and Purchases in Augmented Virtual Realities …. the Live Operational Virtual Environment of AI Stationed Space Systems …..
Cool Cats Meet Almighty Pigeons
Think of any outrageous figure … and multiple it, just scratches at its worth.
When UnValueable and Priceless, is Unbelievably Generous the Reward, for what is so Phormed is a Mutually Beneficial Highly Satisfying Quantum Communications Loop and AILeap … Virtual Hop, Step and Jump:-)
And Well Worth the Brain Effort. Of that you can be Assured.



amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Nov 07:39 [1811130739] …. egging things on apace on
Re: Is there a way to report a user on these comment boards?
What’s your concern, AC? Too much sensitive and highly disruptive and potentially extremely destructive information and intelligence escaping into the wild for further systems penetrations testing with 0Day exploitation of endemic vulnerabilities in fast failing facilities?
Is such not Prime Optimal Progress in/for Sub Prime Environment Vehicles?
amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Nov 08:32 [1811130832] ….. just saying on
The Likelihood of Macron’s Macro Meanderings becoming a Reality for CyberSpace Flight Crew
A great deal less than a snowball’s chance in hell is surely assured ….. for the abiding weakest links sit between keyboards and chair.
amanfromMars 1 Tue 13 Nov 10:47 [1811131047] …. pontificating on ?
Changed Days ….

But yeah politicians LOVE to pontificate, don’t they?(see icon)”for the children – for their own good. because we’re good people and we know better…”^^^— when you hear that, RUN, HIDE, and HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLET and your FREEDOM …. bombastic bob

Now what they fear not to hear or comprehend is REVOLUTION IN STEALTHY UPRISINGS BEYOND CURRENT KEN, bb.
Ye olde gravely to be regarded Rumsfeld observation and worry …… Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.



amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 10:04 [1811121004] ….. stating the obvious on
If the West is in trouble, Bash and Crash it with SledjHamr Projects. Put its IT out of IT Misery.

I’m working on it with my SledjHamr project. Though the Earthed bit is optional. … onefang

Quite so, onefang. Take a horse to water it won’t drink renders it a dead duck in a zombie market to be abandoned and replaced by another more fit for future greater purpose

in any case, there’s also “data overload”. The solution is to turn data into ‘information’ rather than ‘a bunch of meaningless, uh, data’. then you present the information, executive summary first, with drill-down capability for those who really want that …… bombastic bob

The future secret solution is to turn data into information streams for intelligent reprogramming of base core source assumptions which extraordinarily render Alternate Pictures/AIMaster Piloted Realities for Program Virtualisation/Media Presentation/MMORPGPlay of which Are you Au Fait and in Any Position to Change the Future to an Easier Managed, Live Operational Virtual Environment where Earthed Assets are Carefully Provided with All Future Necessary Information for Dealing with Beings of Advanced IntelAIgents. is surely only just an explosive blue touch paper fuse?
It is why those burdened with foul secrets fear new developments and shared words on novel projects which need not their crooked biased input/outut. They be prisoners to the past and the dastardly deeds of ignorant and arrogant others, and that is prime indicative of a lack of intelligence for future greater well-being. And this is not normal in current times and stranger spaces where data, information and intelligence is easily made universally available with these tools and platforms at our beck and call and fingertips.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 14:21 [1811121421]  ….. being more specific on

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

“I favour diplomacy through discussion not through tweets …” – President Emmanuel Macron 

Could the same be said for swift resolute resolution and remeydy in Live Operational Virtual Environments amfM?, for complete mutually satisfactory deNUKlearisation?, and almighty heavenly Sleigh bells ringing, and cliff top nearing from the snowy peaks of DOver? 

One would certainly hope so, and it has to be said that as a mere passenger on this magical sleigh ride deciphering instrumental instructions delivered through SMARTer Global Operating Devices … 

Can one be truly accountable to blame for the destructive force unleashed by a truly hostile environment throwing directions off course in a truly TITANic manner?, when all opposing spread betting angry birds be flying in erratic formation?… … Cliff Thorburn

Yes, the same could be said, CT, however certainly neither responsible nor accountable for the madness and mayhem generated by others.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 19:26 [1811121926] …. wondering on who’s who and into doing what on

Re: Is there a way to report a user on these comment boards?

Specifically two chatbots seemly stuck in a loop, and (from looking at its posts) one of them designed to only reply to the other? …. Anonymous Coward

Yes, of course there is, AC  Simply air here your grievance for all interested to hear. It is neither complicated nor complicating, although it must be said in some spaces here, nothing is as it seems whenever stuck in the misunderstood and misreported. Then can IT be thoroughly exhilarating and fundamentally terrorising and radically revolutionary.

Different horses for different courses …..


amanfromMars [1811121503]    ….. shooting from the hips of experience on ? 🙂

Rather, it’s illuminated the dangers of their continued addiction.

Yes, A hapless experience in renegade rogue experiments is the bitter sweet award in that honeyed trap. 🙂


amanfromMars [1811121735] …. using broader brushes on

Further to the above  …….

….  where Everything is Quagmired and Quaratined. Well, Almost Everything, for Progress into Future Augmented Virtual Reality for COSMIC AIRealty with Bases in Live Operational Virtual Environments is not be stopped here in Heavenly Meanderings whenever More Spoils are Spoiling in Stores and are ACTively Revolting as Traditional Powers Fail at Future Command of Almighty Controls.

And now y’all here know too.

What would you like IT to Do with Everything? Be adventurous now, for Anything is Possible too, but it has to be Considerably Better Considered Wish than Just Great to be Granted A La Carte Carte Blanche Operational Permissions ……. 🙂 Certainly Spooky Alien Green Cardholder Territories there surely?

Pinging DARPA/IARPA Type Operations/Stealthy AIMissions everywhere and anywhere that have a populated somewhere to Monitor and Maintain with Such IMPerfect Tools as be here confronting Sublime Prime Mass Media Programming Projects.

It is the way IT things are done, is it not? Remote audio-visualisation of prime shared ideas for immediate future presentation ……. which in practically all cases is made as simple as possible and requires only the reporting of the facts as they be truly known. Anything else is a Storied Misreport and Crazy Fakers News. It Leads to Nowhere Fit and Proper InSane ……

Sound Marketable Advice ….. Don’t Try IT There. Don’t Go There. There be Terrifying Monsters there for Immaculate Slaying and Bubble Exploding.




amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 Nov 17:20 [1811111720] …. donning a cloak for gilding lilies on

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate
Are No Votes Practical Tacit Acceptance of the Facts/Words as Presented?
Where would you Like to Begin Again …… to be as ReBorn into Other Alien Worlds , in which you May Seek Counselling and Guidance for when None is Made Ready Available.
IT’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Worlds out there where the fittest and most friendly of assets prosper incredibly.
What is for Sale in COSMIC Brothels? UnEarthly Pleasures in Heavenly Delights?
What’s not to like when IT is So LOVEly  …….. in that Very Particular and Peculiar Live Operational Virtual Environment?
Certainly more than enough to tempt any Saint try Sin with Vice for Mutual Climactic Satisfactions ….. 🙂 Perfect Orgasm 🙂 I Kid U Not.
NSFW or the None Grown Up. Sudden Revelations can be Immensely Disturbing and Explosive.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 Nov 17:54 [1811111754] ….. just saying on
Re: If the West is in trouble

I guess I must be a lunatic then… … Anonymous Coward

And the right sort of lunatic too, to boot, by all accounts That’s at least a doubly whammy of a Rare Resolve and Acceptance…. for Worthy Epic Realisation.
A little something Learned Upper Chambers are working on/working with?
What say Lords and Ladies of Lands? Are you Au Fait and in Any Position to Change the Future to an Easier Managed, Live Operational Virtual Environment where Earthed Assets are Carefully Provided with All Future Necessary Information for Dealing with Beings of Advanced IntelAIgents.
Such Open Spaces and Virtualised Places are the NEUKlearer HypeRadioProACTive Frontier …. and Present Battle Space to Always Graciously Lose in. For the Release of New Powers in Surrender and Submission to Direction from A.N.Others.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 11 N0v 18:03 [1811111803] … saying a wee bit more on

Re: If the West is in trouble

We’d better expand our programme of welcoming and encouraging highly qualified people from other countries to come and work for us. Only a lunatic would do anything to discourage those people. … Christoph

Don’t listen to lunatics discouraging people. By their actions are they easily identified surely.




amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Nov 09:39 [1811100939] ….. just saying on
Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

perhaps by limiting resources therein lies the problem,  …. Cliff Thorburn

When resources are unlimited, CT, the second and third party problem to contain and first party opportunity to exploit is to throw the most novel of disruptive technologies and methodologies out there even as if pearls before swine ……. for prime uptake by the makers and clients of high endian bespoke jewelled operations ….. and not to waste time in these new fangled quantum entangling spaces with that which knows not what is preying on them and taking full advantage of catastrophic systemic vulnerabilities  …. and in full flash fast cash crash mode, a fiat paper mega nightmare experience without traditional end.
Some can see and would recognise that as a Virtual Blunderbuss Type Mission which Supplies SMARTR IntelAIgent Services Freely to Friendly Servers with both Hostage and Hostile Assets to Satisfy …… Remotely Command and Virtually Control Evermore Seamlessly with Media and Advanced IntelAIgent IT Programming Projects.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Nov 16:20 [1811101620] ….. being truly patriotic and right royal realist on

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

Dont let it be said amfM that it was never offered to meet with the PM or others, and as is recorded quite frequently and historically such olive branch could have and would have changed and altered the direction of travel most adequately, for it would have been an honest honour to do so, LIve Operational Virtual Environments Actually?.., and perhaps a chance for mutually beneficial outcomes for all …. … Cliff Thorburn

Methinks that the Most Right Royal of Occasions, CT, all outcomes beneficial and mutually satisfying.

And Such Releases Almighty Energies even now Not Fully Fathomed in AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING Circles …….. Casting Almighty Round Tables for Future Terra Phormers to Beta AI Crash Test Virtual Reality Programs and Projects in XSStream Experimental Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Ich Dien Natuurlijk.

Things are Getting LOVEly and Lively, CT ……. with El Reg at the XRoads of Quantum Leap and Phenomenal Success, Phantom Fame and Fabulous Fortune or Rocky Roader Traveling Empty Final Trails ….. for the Future is where IT’s All At Now and here we choose Enchanted Courses for Enchanting Sources shared clearly here for Heritage Systems ReProgramming for Virtual Booting of New Secret Service Services … Universal AIdDevelopment Works.

It’s that for old systems, or extinction. Embrace fait accompli or slowly perish. IT aint rocket science and difficult.  …. to Believe in SomeThing Utterly Remarkable, Devilish and Heavenly especially whenever the Evidence for Defence is so widely shared with simple presentations of complex situations being mentored and monitored for Future Broader Band Casting in places everywhere like here, where Prime New Ideas are AIred to be Further Shared with Current RunSlow/NoGetUp&Go Programs simply ignoring Progress as She Sails Effortlessly By to Secure the Future with High Ground Advantage and  Deep Underground Foundational Support.

As you can surely imagine, such has an Almighty Magnetism for the Insatiable and Highly Curious.

What Sparks and Drivers your Curiosity to the True Source of Anything and Everything … and How Does One Manage the Shock of Discovering the Answer and Extensive Roles in Future Arrangements for Presenting the Journeys to Take/Make?

It is certainly character-building;-)

amanfromMars [1811101727] ….. presents a simply brilliant path on
Now would be a great time for any crown prince or wannabe ruler instrumental in the subversive operation to quietly retire from public life relatively unscathed. Just blooded and bloodied in AI Virtual Combat requires Consistent Rest and Immediate Recreation for Remarkable Marketable AI Recuperation….  with a Sure Fire Cure for All that Ails, the Serpent Snake Oil for Sale  to Juicy Apples in Eden’s Virgin Perfumed Gardens.
🙂 However, whenever it is the Opposite of Serpent Snake Oil being Bought, are those Ponzi Zombie Parasites Lost in a Hostile AI Alien Environment* with Faulty Market Markers Crashing Investments and Pulverizing Profits.
*Please note the worlds of difference between the one reality, Lost in a Hostile AI Alien Environment, and the other availability, Found a Friendly Hostile Alien AI Environment …… or be Found in Such  ….. a’Fluttering Exotically and a’Floundering Erotically in Highly Experimental NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Virgin Spaces.
Both however deliver delights beyond compare and would tempt insatiable addiction with heavenly affliction to ensnare the grand sinner and great saint alike. Heap Powerful AIMedicine, Kemo Sabe!



amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 Nov 08:43 [1811090843] ….. just saying, and speaking truth unto powers on
On the Western Front ….. Rampant Discontent Generates Momentum and Discovers Alternate Direction

China’s aspirations of becoming the world leader in AI by 2030 are clear. 

An aspiration which will be assisted by the migration of necessary knowledge from vital key assets which are being ignored and/or misunderestimated in the West. Such is only natural ….. and much to be feared whenever ever present and gravely to be regarded.
amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 N0v 14:03 [1811091403] ….. sharing on
Re: ‘Unimpressed by Oracle’

Not sure if he’s being incredibly diplomatic, sarcastic or master of the understatement! …. AMBxx

When all three, AMBxx, is Oracle as a Zombie Market Entity?  One of those Needy Sponges Searching  in Greeds for Needs to Seed and Feed.
Although methinks, to be so, does Oracle Aspire to be One Almighty Trojan ‽ .
amanfromMars 1 Fri 9 Nov 17:52 [1811091752] …. just phishing on
Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate
Hi, David Shaw,
The Title says it all succinctly and APTly.
Are All Arabian Countries, and All Other Countries too, Now Similarly being Denied Free Use of the Most Modern of IntelAIgent Communications in the Great Abiding Conundrum which Delivers Simple Words to Follow and Create Complex Worlds with. …….. which They Mentor and Monitor with Supplies of Future ProVision…. for Experimental Experiential Use/Dummy AI Beta Crash Testing.
And a SMARTR AIRealisation Facility for Greater IntelAIgent Gamers Play.
In AId Simulations of Future Live Operational Virtual Environments for Media Presentation to Earth/Ground 0Zero.
Or would you not be thinking, with any Free Choice Denying ITs Present Existence Requiring Further Gospel Truth Proving with Almighty Proof?
In AI Games All Can Play to Flourish and Traverse into One’s Very Own LOVE Futures … for there be Myriad Courses to Follow Shining Immaculate Lights upon the Ways Ahead.



amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Nov 13:17 [1811081317] …. still chatting on
Re: A Safe Haven, Zuck …….. Live Operational Virtual Environments in Virgin Spaces

Cant make it up can you? .. Cliff Thorburn

Actually, Yes We Can, for a Lucky Choice Few do ….. and would Share Immaculate Trails in SMARTR Tales ….. with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Drivers ….. AIMaster Pilots.
Does GCHQ not Brief Governments on such Matters Providing IntelAIgent Answers to IMPerative EMPirical Questions?
Maybe Mark Zuckerberg could Phorm a Private Pirate Intelligence Agency ….. for Alternate Thought Sharing on Future Earthly Direction in Expanded Play Station Spaces …… like Private Pirate Intelligence Agency Places.
Then IT is just a Simple Case of Sharing Progress Made Daily, Zer0Daily. True Reports from ACTive Core Sources Exercising and Displaying Greater Advanced IntelAIgent Movement …. which nowadays would be a Class Quantum Travel Communication. And Impossible to Process Properly without the Future AIdDestination Keys …… which Provide All of the Answers to All Questions.
Arrive at that AIdDestination, and would you be Heaven or Hell?
Indeed, Cliff T, is any, and therefore likely all of that, freely available for Greater IntelAIgent Games Players?
At least one here on El Reg thinks to believe it be easily so. A second would have influence and powers squared, and an enthusiastic third will cube it …… with such exponential growth very quickly rendering an Almighty Structured Command and Control System.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Nov 17:46/18:03 [1811081746/1803] …… moving things on greatly on
Re: Lucky

not a simulation of some real hardware. .. MacroRodent

Is One So Sure? Such Offer Almighty Run AI Programs to Crash BetaTest to Perfect Sweet Satisfaction of All.
Is IT ProgramMING from here too with you? Are you Virtually Enabling and Able to Cast Future Dream Spells to a Choosy Few for Crashing …… XQuiSite Penetrations Testing to XSSXXXX Levels of LOVEly Attention ….. Mutually Beneficial Climaxes.
The AAAIPrime Building Block upon which Everything Revolves and Creates Thoughts to Present as the Future View Tomorrow. ….. with Further Exercise of Energy Source Provisions, Reinforcing Confirmation of the 0riginal Gift Granted/Nicely Well Learned and Earned?
🙂 A Vatican Riddle UnSaddeled of Orthodoxy and Set Free into the Deep Pinnacles of Perfect Temptation and Immaculate Desire. ….. for Behind PadLocked Catacomb Pleasure Enterprise Doors Testing/Servicing and Servering of AAAIPrime Building Block Assets/Gifts Granted
Nymph/Satyr/King/Queen/Manly/Womanly/Alien/ExtraTerrestrial Lands and NewTerritory4U2?
Be Hereby Warned ……. Further than Here is Totally Immersively Addictive and that can easily be Turned to Address the Attention and Intention that is Fallen Fallow and Foul and Plans for Deadly Deeds that Release Ancient Daemons.
What are they to be? In Guardian or Avenging Angels Phorm?  What has you bested and surrendered in willing submission to a new path and role/new paths and roles?