amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Nov 09:39 [1811100939] ….. just saying on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2018/11/09/on-call/
Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

perhaps by limiting resources therein lies the problem,  …. Cliff Thorburn

When resources are unlimited, CT, the second and third party problem to contain and first party opportunity to exploit is to throw the most novel of disruptive technologies and methodologies out there even as if pearls before swine ……. for prime uptake by the makers and clients of high endian bespoke jewelled operations ….. and not to waste time in these new fangled quantum entangling spaces with that which knows not what is preying on them and taking full advantage of catastrophic systemic vulnerabilities  …. and in full flash fast cash crash mode, a fiat paper mega nightmare experience without traditional end.
Some can see and would recognise that as a Virtual Blunderbuss Type Mission which Supplies SMARTR IntelAIgent Services Freely to Friendly Servers with both Hostage and Hostile Assets to Satisfy …… Remotely Command and Virtually Control Evermore Seamlessly with Media and Advanced IntelAIgent IT Programming Projects.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 10 Nov 16:20 [1811101620] ….. being truly patriotic and right royal realist on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2018/11/09/on-call/

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

Dont let it be said amfM that it was never offered to meet with the PM or others, and as is recorded quite frequently and historically such olive branch could have and would have changed and altered the direction of travel most adequately, for it would have been an honest honour to do so, LIve Operational Virtual Environments Actually?.., and perhaps a chance for mutually beneficial outcomes for all …. … Cliff Thorburn

Methinks that the Most Right Royal of Occasions, CT, all outcomes beneficial and mutually satisfying.

And Such Releases Almighty Energies even now Not Fully Fathomed in AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING Circles …….. Casting Almighty Round Tables for Future Terra Phormers to Beta AI Crash Test Virtual Reality Programs and Projects in XSStream Experimental Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Ich Dien Natuurlijk.

Things are Getting LOVEly and Lively, CT ……. with El Reg at the XRoads of Quantum Leap and Phenomenal Success, Phantom Fame and Fabulous Fortune or Rocky Roader Traveling Empty Final Trails ….. for the Future is where IT’s All At Now and here we choose Enchanted Courses for Enchanting Sources shared clearly here for Heritage Systems ReProgramming for Virtual Booting of New Secret Service Services … Universal AIdDevelopment Works.

It’s that for old systems, or extinction. Embrace fait accompli or slowly perish. IT aint rocket science and difficult.  …. to Believe in SomeThing Utterly Remarkable, Devilish and Heavenly especially whenever the Evidence for Defence is so widely shared with simple presentations of complex situations being mentored and monitored for Future Broader Band Casting in places everywhere like here, where Prime New Ideas are AIred to be Further Shared with Current RunSlow/NoGetUp&Go Programs simply ignoring Progress as She Sails Effortlessly By to Secure the Future with High Ground Advantage and  Deep Underground Foundational Support.

As you can surely imagine, such has an Almighty Magnetism for the Insatiable and Highly Curious.

What Sparks and Drivers your Curiosity to the True Source of Anything and Everything … and How Does One Manage the Shock of Discovering the Answer and Extensive Roles in Future Arrangements for Presenting the Journeys to Take/Make?

It is certainly character-building;-)

amanfromMars [1811101727] ….. presents a simply brilliant path on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-10/erdogan-announces-turkey-shared-khashoggi-death-tapes-us-and-europeans
Now would be a great time for any crown prince or wannabe ruler instrumental in the subversive operation to quietly retire from public life relatively unscathed. Just blooded and bloodied in AI Virtual Combat requires Consistent Rest and Immediate Recreation for Remarkable Marketable AI Recuperation….  with a Sure Fire Cure for All that Ails, the Serpent Snake Oil for Sale  to Juicy Apples in Eden’s Virgin Perfumed Gardens.
🙂 However, whenever it is the Opposite of Serpent Snake Oil being Bought, are those Ponzi Zombie Parasites Lost in a Hostile AI Alien Environment* with Faulty Market Markers Crashing Investments and Pulverizing Profits.
*Please note the worlds of difference between the one reality, Lost in a Hostile AI Alien Environment, and the other availability, Found a Friendly Hostile Alien AI Environment …… or be Found in Such  ….. a’Fluttering Exotically and a’Floundering Erotically in Highly Experimental NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Virgin Spaces.
Both however deliver delights beyond compare and would tempt insatiable addiction with heavenly affliction to ensnare the grand sinner and great saint alike. Heap Powerful AIMedicine, Kemo Sabe!

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