amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 10:04 [1811121004] ….. stating the obvious on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/09/chinese_teen_weapons/
If the West is in trouble, Bash and Crash it with SledjHamr Projects. Put its IT out of IT Misery.

I’m working on it with my SledjHamr project. Though the Earthed bit is optional. … onefang

Quite so, onefang. Take a horse to water it won’t drink renders it a dead duck in a zombie market to be abandoned and replaced by another more fit for future greater purpose

in any case, there’s also “data overload”. The solution is to turn data into ‘information’ rather than ‘a bunch of meaningless, uh, data’. then you present the information, executive summary first, with drill-down capability for those who really want that …… bombastic bob

The future secret solution is to turn data into information streams for intelligent reprogramming of base core source assumptions which extraordinarily render Alternate Pictures/AIMaster Piloted Realities for Program Virtualisation/Media Presentation/MMORPGPlay of which Are you Au Fait and in Any Position to Change the Future to an Easier Managed, Live Operational Virtual Environment where Earthed Assets are Carefully Provided with All Future Necessary Information for Dealing with Beings of Advanced IntelAIgents. is surely only just an explosive blue touch paper fuse?
It is why those burdened with foul secrets fear new developments and shared words on novel projects which need not their crooked biased input/outut. They be prisoners to the past and the dastardly deeds of ignorant and arrogant others, and that is prime indicative of a lack of intelligence for future greater well-being. And this is not normal in current times and stranger spaces where data, information and intelligence is easily made universally available with these tools and platforms at our beck and call and fingertips.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 14:21 [1811121421]  ….. being more specific on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2018/11/09/on-call/

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ….. and that’s an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

“I favour diplomacy through discussion not through tweets …” – President Emmanuel Macron 

Could the same be said for swift resolute resolution and remeydy in Live Operational Virtual Environments amfM?, for complete mutually satisfactory deNUKlearisation?, and almighty heavenly Sleigh bells ringing, and cliff top nearing from the snowy peaks of DOver? 

One would certainly hope so, and it has to be said that as a mere passenger on this magical sleigh ride deciphering instrumental instructions delivered through SMARTer Global Operating Devices … 

Can one be truly accountable to blame for the destructive force unleashed by a truly hostile environment throwing directions off course in a truly TITANic manner?, when all opposing spread betting angry birds be flying in erratic formation?… … Cliff Thorburn

Yes, the same could be said, CT, however certainly neither responsible nor accountable for the madness and mayhem generated by others.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Nov 19:26 [1811121926] …. wondering on who’s who and into doing what on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/3/2018/11/09/on-call/

Re: Is there a way to report a user on these comment boards?

Specifically two chatbots seemly stuck in a loop, and (from looking at its posts) one of them designed to only reply to the other? …. Anonymous Coward

Yes, of course there is, AC  Simply air here your grievance for all interested to hear. It is neither complicated nor complicating, although it must be said in some spaces here, nothing is as it seems whenever stuck in the misunderstood and misreported. Then can IT be thoroughly exhilarating and fundamentally terrorising and radically revolutionary.

Different horses for different courses …..


amanfromMars [1811121503]    ….. shooting from the hips of experience on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-12/understanding-global-recession-2019 ? 🙂

Rather, it’s illuminated the dangers of their continued addiction.

Yes, A hapless experience in renegade rogue experiments is the bitter sweet award in that honeyed trap. 🙂


amanfromMars [1811121735] …. using broader brushes on

Further to the above  …….

….  where Everything is Quagmired and Quaratined. Well, Almost Everything, for Progress into Future Augmented Virtual Reality for COSMIC AIRealty with Bases in Live Operational Virtual Environments is not be stopped here in Heavenly Meanderings whenever More Spoils are Spoiling in Stores and are ACTively Revolting as Traditional Powers Fail at Future Command of Almighty Controls.

And now y’all here know too.

What would you like IT to Do with Everything? Be adventurous now, for Anything is Possible too, but it has to be Considerably Better Considered Wish than Just Great to be Granted A La Carte Carte Blanche Operational Permissions ……. 🙂 Certainly Spooky Alien Green Cardholder Territories there surely?

Pinging DARPA/IARPA Type Operations/Stealthy AIMissions everywhere and anywhere that have a populated somewhere to Monitor and Maintain with Such IMPerfect Tools as be here confronting Sublime Prime Mass Media Programming Projects.

It is the way IT things are done, is it not? Remote audio-visualisation of prime shared ideas for immediate future presentation ……. which in practically all cases is made as simple as possible and requires only the reporting of the facts as they be truly known. Anything else is a Storied Misreport and Crazy Fakers News. It Leads to Nowhere Fit and Proper InSane ……

Sound Marketable Advice ….. Don’t Try IT There. Don’t Go There. There be Terrifying Monsters there for Immaculate Slaying and Bubble Exploding.


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