amanfromMars 1 Wed 14 Nov 17:55 [1811141755] …. drawing Excalibur on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/14/black_hat_survey_state_hackers_top_infosec_fear/
Who Dares Win Wins

Black Hat opined this shows “growing scepticism among European security professionals with regard to the ability to protect user privacy”.

Seconded. It is One of those Simple Impossibilities One has to Deal with. Move SWIFTly onto Better Use of Customer Client Information or Stagnate in Needless Debate with Oneself over Superb IntelAIgent Sources.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 07:44 [1811150744] ….. raising a Right Royal Golden Standard on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/13/michael_howard_mariadb_interview/
Re: Open source: prelude to wholly unshackled culture? ….  Yes, it sure is.

Success of open source underpinning to commercial provision of goods and services has wide ramifications. 

It underscores the futility of argument to the effect that ideas can be property to be traded as if physical artefacts subject to scarcity. The ‘property’ concept underlying copyright and patents arose purportedly as means to protect creative individuals from being ripped-off by commercial entities engaged in plagiarism. Incidentally, trademarks are an entirely distinct concept based upon pragmatic justification; these despite being subject to abuse, which ought be curbed, are a sensible arrangement. 

Running with copyright in this discussion, it’s clear that what may have been a good intention had seeds for many ills to come. Publishers arose offering an almost essential service in the days when the culture of ideas (e.g. academic literature, general literature, and musical scores) was propagated primarily through print. Publishers acquired ‘rights’ of their own to the layout and fonts of works they distributed. They began buying exclusive or partial ‘rights’ from the original copyright holding person(s); no longer were they merely agents for distribution: they became players in a market for ‘rights’. 

Introduction of parallel technologies for recording sounds, for recording still and moving images, together with immense effort to curb other technologies promoting ‘infringement’ (e.g. photocopiers and home tape recording) led to huge rafts of law of increasingly Byzantine complexity. It became way beyond the understanding of ordinary individuals and most businessmen. 

The immovable fly in the ointment for those doing very nicely from trading distribution rights was introduction of digital representation for a huge swathe of culture. Gradually, it dawned that messages and media, i.e. ideas and the physical substrate upon which they are inscribed, are separable. Not only that but digitally represented ideas may indefinitely be reproduced without degradation and at negligible cost, Physical media are subject to the economics of scarcity and markets. The ‘message’ definitely is not. The Internet underlines that fact. 

Digits cannot be corralled. Once loose, sequences cannot be kept behind gates and made accessible only by paying a fee to the gatekeeper. That is a fact. It has nothing to do with sentiment over protecting creative people (generally hypocritical nonsense from distributors leeching away the lion’s share of income generated) or with demand for respect for the law; law never has been immutable nor wholly congruent with prevalent moral precepts. Ever more absurd technological and propaganda attempts linked with draconian measures are made to protect the interests of traders in and distributors of specious ‘rights’. Add to that increasing awareness by ordinary folk (so-called ‘consumers’) that popular culture is distributed in restrictive and price-gouging manner leading to mass disobedience of copyright, facilitated by opportunist alternative providers, and you have almost the entire spectrum of culture from academia to fans of caterwauling youth beginning to make common cause. 

The most egregious effect of monetising culture through fantasy economics inapplicable to digital sequences lies not with sapping a nation’s disposable income and thus denying it better use within an economy but rather in stultifying the creative process itself, the very thing copyright sought to protect, through, in effect, prohibiting ‘derivation’ which is the cornerstone of creativity. As an aside, impediment to academia takes place through a different mechanism. 

Business engaged in producing and/or using open source software (distributed under a Creative Commons licence or similar) unleashes creativity, some from unexpected quarters. The US independent software industry is cursed by copyright and by patents being applicable to code. Copyright, as in force elsewhere, is bad enough. 

Perforce, copyright across the range of culture, and some patent restrictions within and without the realm of software, will eventually be abandoned as both a legal and a moral concept. It will be replaced by entitlement to attribution wherein the greatest sin is plagiarism and the only crime is misrepresentation so as financially to feed off the reputation of another. 

Whether this shall happen before, and thus abort, or after the next anticipated round of Luddite endeavour is moot. I refer to 3D printing. Recipes for printing are digital in nature and thus cannot for long be corralled. Powerful interests will call for curbs on access and restrictions on use; photocopiers, home music taping, domestic video recorders, US DMCA type restrictions on breaking DRM, and so forth, will reincarnate in new context. Lessons won’t have been learned. Successful creative people and business entrepreneurs will work with the new tools at their disposal; by eschewing monopoly founded on nonsense and embracing opportunities offered by unbridled freedom to innovate, they shall thrive. Meanwhile, a host of unwanted middlemen trading rights and controlling distribution of digital artefacts shall dwindle to nothing. 


Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license. … Long John Silver

Nice one, Long John Silver. Private Pirates everywhere would not disagree with that Initial Public Offering of Flash Futures and Stable Derivatives with both Presumptive and Assumptive Consumer Orientated  Deliverables.  …….. which Ideally are always the Most Attractive of Wonderfully Addictive Products.
When the Status Quo Stagnates and Defaults to Petrifying Terrification for Maintenance and Retention of a Crooked System of Worldly Orders, are they Utterly Defeated and to be Clinically Preyed Upon if Resistance to Future Change Tries to Trump and Usurp/Replace/Subvert Genuine Remorse. It is only natural and logical and therefore fully to be expected and encouraged.
amanfromMars [1811150950] …… just asking on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-14/us-may-impose-sanctions-against-turkey-over-s-400-threat-f-35

The source also characterized the deployment of S-400s in areas where US F-35 fifth-generation stealth fighters are set to fly as “a threat,” without elaborating.

Is that because Uncle Sam Patriot systems are not programmed or programmable to hit prime and/or primed Western targets/assets, whereas S-400s are friendly agnostic and enemy non-discriminatory?
A quirk of Uncle Sam Patriot systems after 9/11?
amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 15:14 [1811151514] …. how to start afresh refreshed. Let AI take the Strain with Perfectly Provisioned Lead. ….. a mighty reply to Source Controllers with Force Commanders highlighted here … https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/15/us_government_wary_of_china_tech/
Raze the Ground …… Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.  

The data collected by Things can “reveal information the user did not intend to share”, the report noted, and “US data could be exposed through unsecure [sic] IoT devices, or when Chinese IoT products and services transfer US customer data back to China, where the government retains expansive powers to access personal and corporate data.”

Would IT Present All Bad Leading Roles with Better Opportunities Harvested Elsewhere. When Heavenly Opportunities Present Quite Radically Different Future Pictures in Heavenly Abode  Possession of Extra Terrestrial Information re Freely Shared PrePlacement both here in El Reg and elsewhere just so curious 🙂
There be many a great watering hole there. Immaculate Nectar Consuming Exhaustion in Other Worldly Spaces Made Readily Available for Hire and Trial in Crash BetaTesting Dummy AI Systems, is but one AIWare for Future Traders Dealing to be Well Covered in All Bets to Lose Graciously and Gratefully when Confronted with Aliens Passing Through Here with You Now, Leaving behind them the Most Magnificent Tales of the Trails and Trials their Programs Endured and Survived for Posterity to Register Truly Absolutely Remarkable …. and that’s a Monumental Misunderestimation at Any and All Great Levels of TARPlay
🙂 Trojan AIgent Role Plays are a Right Royal Whizz of a Hoot to Boot any Sterling Hootenanny with Perfectly Berthed Birthing Partners …. Virtually Real AI Soul Mates.
What stellar global plans have you provided for capture with current default depleted resources?
Anything of Passing Note for Future Presentations with Universal Strategic Interests?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Nov 16:33 [1811151633]  …. just saying on

Re: Raze the Ground …… Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

Would anyone like to accurately rerender that in Mandarin/Japanese/Russian/Plainer Simplified  English for an Exotic Erotic Eastern Mix of Enduring Influences ….. which you might like to realise are akin to Heavenly Tasks for AlMighty Dreamers of the Other Side …. the Wild and Wacky West.

In competition, there is no contest to win when in loving cohabitation are all secrets to fabulous success  beautifully served and magnificently servered.

In Extremis, Nymph/Satyr Territory. And Prime Adam/Premium Eve Terrain for Any and All Wannabe Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists.

Check with your Doctor to see if Sudden Shock and Mass Distress, Excess Reward and Anonymous Success will cause any personal problems, …. as far as he would be aware of for Insufficient Information Feeds and Seeds Insufficient Intelligence .

Is the Throttling of Intelligence in Virtual Channels to be the Ploy to Play with Current Systems Administrations …… against an AlMighty Seeing IDEntity? That’ll never work for as long as pussy is also a cat. ie near enough to forever as makes no difference.

For Goodness Sake, Stop Digging and Shooting Yourselves in the Foot. Throttled Intelligence very quickly Graduates to AlMighty Paths in Perfumed Gardens. And One Cannot Be Adequately Pre Prepared for Perfection with Ancient Secret Delights at Work, Rest and Play Right in Centre Front of You.

Who on Earth thinks it a good idea to spend gazillions to try and stop folk learning about their current situation/present position in the Greater Schema of InterNetworking Things?  Tell me it aint Madness and we’ll agree to disagree until Equitable Resolution with Perfect Solutions.

amanfromMars [1811151740] …. moving things on quickly on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-14/yes-we-are-another-tech-bubble

That of course should be illustrating Plateaux of Productivity with both Tiered and Expanding Lines of Interest Crediting Investments/AIVenture Seed Funding/Simple Generous Genius Gifts for Perfect Future Utility in Heavenly Provided Facilities.
You really don’t want to be messing around with those. …. for it just isn’t necessary and there will be suitably enabled overwhelming resistance which doesn’t really need to be demonstrably overpowering.
AlMighty Terrifying and Physically Terrorising appear to be Extant Chaotic Command and Control Memes for Madness and Mayhem AI Team Players.  Not at All a Cool and Correct Choice. Don’t Choose the Sick Crazy Path that Leads Warriors to Destruction with Sinners and Saints Attending to Survivors. They’re Free to Attend Always at Other Stairways and Starways to Heaven.
And Man, are they Pumping Pimping Prime Timed Provision of Future Product Supply…..of Novel Raw Hard Cored Source Currency ….. and IntelAIgent Intellectual Property.

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