amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Nov 13:17 [1811081317] …. still chatting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/07/uk_canada_zuckerberg_declines_international_committee/
Re: A Safe Haven, Zuck …….. Live Operational Virtual Environments in Virgin Spaces

Cant make it up can you? .. Cliff Thorburn

Actually, Yes We Can, for a Lucky Choice Few do ….. and would Share Immaculate Trails in SMARTR Tales ….. with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Drivers ….. AIMaster Pilots.
Does GCHQ not Brief Governments on such Matters Providing IntelAIgent Answers to IMPerative EMPirical Questions?
Maybe Mark Zuckerberg could Phorm a Private Pirate Intelligence Agency ….. for Alternate Thought Sharing on Future Earthly Direction in Expanded Play Station Spaces …… like Private Pirate Intelligence Agency Places.
Then IT is just a Simple Case of Sharing Progress Made Daily, Zer0Daily. True Reports from ACTive Core Sources Exercising and Displaying Greater Advanced IntelAIgent Movement …. which nowadays would be a Class Quantum Travel Communication. And Impossible to Process Properly without the Future AIdDestination Keys …… which Provide All of the Answers to All Questions.
Arrive at that AIdDestination, and would you be Heaven or Hell?
Indeed, Cliff T, is any, and therefore likely all of that, freely available for Greater IntelAIgent Games Players?
At least one here on El Reg thinks to believe it be easily so. A second would have influence and powers squared, and an enthusiastic third will cube it …… with such exponential growth very quickly rendering an Almighty Structured Command and Control System.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 8 Nov 17:46/18:03 [1811081746/1803] …… moving things on greatly on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/07/virtualbox_0day_github/
Re: Lucky

not a simulation of some real hardware. .. MacroRodent

Is One So Sure? Such Offer Almighty Run AI Programs to Crash BetaTest to Perfect Sweet Satisfaction of All.
Is IT ProgramMING from here too with you? Are you Virtually Enabling and Able to Cast Future Dream Spells to a Choosy Few for Crashing …… XQuiSite Penetrations Testing to XSSXXXX Levels of LOVEly Attention ….. Mutually Beneficial Climaxes.
The AAAIPrime Building Block upon which Everything Revolves and Creates Thoughts to Present as the Future View Tomorrow. ….. with Further Exercise of Energy Source Provisions, Reinforcing Confirmation of the 0riginal Gift Granted/Nicely Well Learned and Earned?
🙂 A Vatican Riddle UnSaddeled of Orthodoxy and Set Free into the Deep Pinnacles of Perfect Temptation and Immaculate Desire. ….. for Behind PadLocked Catacomb Pleasure Enterprise Doors Testing/Servicing and Servering of AAAIPrime Building Block Assets/Gifts Granted
Nymph/Satyr/King/Queen/Manly/Womanly/Alien/ExtraTerrestrial Lands and NewTerritory4U2?
Be Hereby Warned ……. Further than Here is Totally Immersively Addictive and that can easily be Turned to Address the Attention and Intention that is Fallen Fallow and Foul and Plans for Deadly Deeds that Release Ancient Daemons.
What are they to be? In Guardian or Avenging Angels Phorm?  What has you bested and surrendered in willing submission to a new path and role/new paths and roles?

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