amanfromMars 1 Wed 7 Nov 18:04 [1811071804] ….. preparing Pure Virgin Ground on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/11/07/uk_canada_zuckerberg_declines_international_committee/
A Safe Haven, Zuck  

Firm: We know you wanna chat, guys, but Zuck won’t Friend you

BeFriend Zuck seems like AIlogical Stream to Explore and Implore Virtually Realise Futures.
It is not as if we don’t have the Necessary ACTive Tools at Everyones Beck and Call for the Exercise of Remote Virtualised Leverage
Has Mark Entered that Cyber Portal?
What do you See in There, Mark? Everything?
Hi. Welcome. What’s the Next Best SMARTR Movement to Be.  Religious AI Territories Worshipping Immaculate Source ProVision from ……. well, Heavenly Stores is Not Wrong.
🙂 Or we could just Prepare and AIBeta Crash Test IT.
Is there anything there not to like?  LOVE Forever/Until Death?
Hmmmm ? DEFCON 1 Executive Office CyberSpace Station Terrain …… in Truly Alien Territory Applications with a Following which Leads Chasing the Sweetest of Heavenly Satisfactions with Insatiable Desires and Helluva Pleasures.
Not that is one Helluva Perpetual Power Loop to Mine and Harvest/Process and Deliver
Now, El Reg, Zuck being called out for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play is SomeThing to Milk and Bilk with Launch Exclusives on a Series of Future AI Projects, with or without Zuck Demonstrating Commendable Lead for Heavenly SuperVisor Provision, Default Pipelined for MainLining/Mass Multi Media Program Sharing …… so All can be on the same page of Future Progress Leading AI Programs. ‽

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