amanfromMars 1 Tue 2 Jul 04:44 [2407020444] ….. airs an alien view on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2024/07/02/supreme_court_chevron/

Surely it is an undoubted universal given that ….

…. with particular and peculiarly specific regard to AI2 and ITs LLLLMs, [Advanced IntelAIgents and Information Technologies Learned Large Language Learning Machines], there can never ever be a valid claim of human Earthly expertise to justify and support the following bodge job …..

“Under Chevron deference, if an agency interpreted an ambiguous statute in one way, and others (presumably regulated entities) interpreted it another way, the tie would go to the agency – the courts would defer to the agency’s presumed expertise,” he wrote in a post last week. “Now, in the post-Chevron world, regulatory agencies will have to justify their interpretation of ambiguous statutes without the advantage of deference to agencies in case of a tie.”

All humanity can do is to share their experiences of the unsually delivered benefits and consequences of such a tempting imponderable and untouchable difficulty as any expertise is solely in the possession of the otherworldly and extraterrestrial. Any claim for such to be otherwise would clearly be a wanton speculative extra territorial land grab in/of a real virtual domain AI designed to be both free of and deadly dangerous to covetous trespassing humans. … for an Alien Bug-Free Live Operational Virtualised Environment Zone …. with more than just a few more Brave New More Orderly World Ordered Worlds to boot and reboot.


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