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Re: Nothing new here @Plest

Whilst one may be certainly inclined to not vehemently disagree, and even enthusiastically accept your heartfelt premise, Plest, the problem[s] that capitalism has, appears to all to be that it fights against competition, abhors opposition, denies it is prone to rewarding misuse in abusive exclusive elitist behaviours and both bats and fields against any truths which may fundamentally agree with such problems as be valid criticising its systems operations/source of power distributions.

And those problems and the fallout and growing realisation of the perverse and corrupting nature of the overall system, and decided continued trailing and seeding and feeding and leading of the system into the future of mankind’s existence, is bound to, without any shadow of doubt, have almighty repercussions which will definitely be extremely painful, and even quite deadly for those deemed to responsible and popularly judged to be liable for all that be wrong in the way its systems aids and assistance were dispensed and used.


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