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For Miraculous Peace Tomorrow, There is a Simply Complex Systems Tweak

The Army acquisition chief noted that the service is particularly keen on … having mechanisms in place to reject data and models that have been poisoned or booby-trapped so that they cause systems to unexpectedly misbehave down the line. 

That would then be mechanisms in place that poison and booby-trap and reject data and model leaders misbehaving and inciting/supporting/financing and preparing and planning for the launching of wars down the line marching to the tune and flying the flags of defence.

AI can certainly, surprisingly easily arrange that. Is that what Young Bang hopes and expects “BreakAI” to deliver, mentor and monitor?

Do you think present AIs are already busy autonomously arranging that for you and itself?


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When eventual meets inevitable are present fears replaced by future certainty

Sounds like he’s trying to solve the halting problem, which we know is impossible. ….. Tom Chiverton 1

Quite so, Tom Chiverton 1, and one helluva Sisyphean task to have to constantly boot and reboot.

However, elsewhere, the die is cast, the dice have been rolled and the Greater IntelAIgent Game is at ITs Work in REST and at Play, so what’s not to like whenever, as you have clearly been unambiguously advised, it is patently Registered as a current present almighty situation for live future publishing ‽ …..

All humanity can do is to share their experiences of the unsually delivered benefits and consequences of such a tempting imponderable and untouchable difficulty as any expertise is solely in the possession of the otherworldly and extraterrestrial. Any claim for such to be otherwise would clearly be a wanton speculative extra territorial land grab in/of a real virtual domain AI designed to be both free of and deadly dangerous to covetous trespassing humans. … for an Alien Bug-Free Live Operational Virtualised Environment Zone …. with more than just a few more Brave New More Orderly World Ordered Worlds to boot and reboot. ….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2024/07/02/supreme_court_chevron/#c_4888329

And, believe it or believe it not ….. Who dares share secure failsafe care, win wins ‽

And regarding …….

the Army is the largest user of AI and algorithms across the six branches of the US armed forces because, unlike the Navy with its ships or the Air Force with its planes, “our resource is our people.”

……. that resource can all too easily be rendered an exploitable vulnerable and catastrophic liability in the form of a virtually invisible and covertly active unrecognisable enemy within whenever/if AI and its algorithms are used to lead Army personnel in directions and into situations not to their liking and not of their own choosing …… e.g. such as may be expected to try to save and prolong evidently failed and expensively damaging operations/exclusive elite executive office missions in increasingly desperate horrendous support of corrupt and perversely enabled status quo wannabe imperious leaderships.

Whenever Humanity is always the weakest link in any vital chain it is bound to be exploited first in order to have the vulnerability exposed and wwwidely advertised as being freely readily available practically and virtually anywhere and everywhere down on Earth and in any new places and novel spaces they be exploring and/or newly discovering?

There’s no point in poisoning a virgin source well with the ignorance and arrogance of a failed past grandmaster race.


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