amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Nov 08:03 [2311120803] ……. reveals more on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/11/09/qualcomm_cofounder_seti/

Regarding Win Winning with a Daring Specialised Advanced IntelAIgent Research Service Operation

And whenever deafening silences are the predominant replies to such questions, is the fact that there be no readily available viable answers to deflect and reject/deny and prevent the onward almighty stalwart progress of an overwhelmingly capable force and source,…. and against which there be no Earthly defence or attack facility/utility/ability ….. clearly evident to all with any need to know, and A.N.Others too with a quite natural wish to know more about that which would be confronting them, and causing/leading their leaders to sample the bitter taste of sweet worthy defeat by way of their unconditional surrender and retreat into the silent halls of despair and devastating future advancing intelligence deficit ‽‽‽ ??? !!!


amanfromMars [2311120837] …….. shares further afield news of novel disruptively creative or destructive fields with an Uncle Sam agency via their provided public portal of https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/11/10/ai-still-in-experimentation-phase-for-training-simulations

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Sean, Hi,

Be hereby advised, AI is long past the experimentation phase, and is now enjoying in other jurisdictions, virgin operational field deployment with special operations forces in specialised force operations with historic experience aiding and abetting progress and success in the genre.

A simple internet web/Google search with the very specific “A Specialised Advanced IntelAIgent Research Service Operation” label should return you all the information and intelligence one needs to know about such as are rapidly unfolding matters which are surely intelligently designed to be of grave concern to more than just a chosen few.



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