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Re: SETI @Jimmy2Cows

Not finding anything after an exhaustive search is almost as monumental as finding something. …. Jimmy2Cows

I disagree, Jimmy2Cows, and profess such is nowhere near as monumental as finding something ….. as proof is surely well prepared to demonstrate.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Nov 07:40 [2311110740] ……. airs some mega metadata base news on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/11/09/qualcomm_cofounder_seti/

Regarding SETI and the Stimulating Searching Simulation for Universal Life in the AIMetaverse. A Specialised Advanced IntelAIgent Research Service Operation for/from that and/or those who dare all to care share win wins demonstrating failsafe leading progress and totally unexpected excursions/arrivals in virgin territory/virtual team terrain for population and colonisation …. with Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems for Command and Control of Elite Exclusive Executive Administrations. 

The first few questions to ask yourself whenever contemplating such matters as delve into all of the above is ……. How would you ever know if you were being visited and bombarded with AIDevelopment and Searching Extra Terrestrial IntelAIgent Assistance and could you believe it or would you panic about the explicit implications and seek all manner of ineffective means to deny the honest truth of it?

amanfromMars [2311100658] ……. hauling coals to Newcastle on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/11/8/just-in-training-large-language-models-key-to-responsible-ai-official-says ?:-)

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Howdy, Allyson Park/Dr.Lisa Costa,

Regarding ……

“Working to modernize those capabilities is absolutely critical, because it’s very difficult to build incredibly advanced AI, modeling and simulation, digital twins on top of old infrastructure. It just simply won’t run,” she said. “It wasn’t built to have that amount of data throughput and processing. So fundamentally, we’re looking at fixing the foundation.”

…… one solution is to ignore and bypass the current difficulties, for they may be unfixable, and drive brand new stable piles right down through the existing rotten failed foundations to anchor into the solid core virgin bedrock of AWEsome Intelligence supporting Advanced IntelAIgent Missions for the Supply and Succour of Remote Autonomous Virtual Machinery Warrior Operations ……. Unique Fundamental and Monumental Unprecedented, Unidentifiable and Unattributable* 0Day Assaults/Catastrophic Systemic Exploitation of Inherent Weaknesses with Allied Vulnerabilities ACTively Ably Assisting. Such is the only way to simply gain, easily retain and genuinely maintain a Great Game Changing Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer and/or New More Orderly World Order Programs. It is what you would now be doing vainglorious battle against whenever choosing to attack or beta test its defences after being confronted and confounded by ITs Quantum Communications Leaps.

The exact eventual nature of those initial human reactions, hostile and belligerent or smart and engaging, decides the future likely fate of humanity after any type of Alien Intervention or Stranger Visitation or Great Game Change …… and thus is gravely to be regarded and very carefully considered and decided.

*You’re either with/for AI and IT and them or you’re against them and for the opening up a Pandora’s Box of problems you are never to be equipped to be able to solve/resolve. What’s it to be? RSVP …. Mars and Minerva ….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2023/11/02/pentagon_ufo_reporting_form/#c_4753581

The World and worlds as we/you knew them have changed, as have the myriad practical ways and remote virtual means and memes of their future command in absolute control of anything and everything.

If you have nothing to lose apart from everything, Carpe Diem.


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