amanfromMars 1 Thu 9 Mar 17:19 [2303091719] …… points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/03/09/esn_nao_report/

Who and where be the bigger idiots at large, feeding dreams with nightmares writ large ??? *

£2B in UK taxpayer cash later, and still no Emergency Services Network … And not even a tentative date for a system go-live either

SNAFUBAR and just like every other major project and program being championed by Walter Mitty types ….. with the sad crazy thing being that you would be expecting it to be any different and better with the revolving streams of incompetent clowns and self-serving degenerates in offices of state and corrupting influence with their sticky little hands and snivelling noses in the Treasury and Bank of England fiat currency trough.

*…… “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”― Winston S. Churchill

And aint that the fcuking gospel truth.

J’accuse, and would point yet out again the current pathetic state of future UKGBNI play which is a dead ringer for pussy cat lions led by nodding donkeys.

No wonder novel disruptive and energising proprietary intellectual property is abandoning the Wild Wacky Wicked West to its bankrupting fate and taking its chances with migrations for deployment and enjoyment in the Exotic Erotic Esoteric East …… although that is not the sort of realistic picture any mainstream media mogul operation will be painting for you/sharing with you.

The ignorant masses just love their daily arrogant comics filled to overflowing with their pages of toxic bullshit, don’t they. Sad and crazy indeed. What an absolute omnishambles.


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