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Re: The Great Reset with Blots on the Landscape, Daemons in the Seescape, Pirates in the Ether

All government discussions and actions should be made available to the public who apy for them. All owners of companies (shareholders) should be jointly and severally liable for any damages and debts the company has.

This would make for a more equitable world with less growth but more accountability and less harm to people. …. scrubber

That would/could make for a more equitable world with more responsible growth doing less harm to people with their politically incorrect and adept inept SCADA Systems and shareholders chasing profit for the sole benefit of themselves, an arbitrary extra percentage value added? tax for nothing extra which increases supply cost inevitably eventually beyond the point of viable sale and attractive general purchase.

With that profit element at every stage of a product/project/development, and most all products have many stages where profit is always added and paid and carried over into final manufacturing cost before an arbitrary retail price is then decided with its profit element also added, does every product price bear precious little relationship to its true raw cost, and very quickly becomes realised as unaffordable, and in the most egregious of cases, identified as a rip-off …… and the for profit capitalist system is realised to be self-serving, self-defeating cannibalistic and a blight and existential threat to humanity.

Is that where the Wild Wacky Western Fiat Capital System is at today ….. a self-serving, self-defeating cannibalistic blight and existential threat to humanity? Or is that the sort of unpleasant realistic news usually fated to be kicked down the road by irresponsible fickle and foul media for sharing and hiding/presenting and denying again tomorrow?

All available global evidence presently supports such being the undeniably viable honest case.



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The Great Reset into Deeper and Darker Shadow Territories/Live Operational Virtual Environments ‽ .

The principle is great, but in reality it doesn’t work for government. Some of the actions and decisions must stay in the dark, when related to the defence of the country for instance. It doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be control by independent bodies, but everything cannot be made public. …. Potemkine!

Potemkin!, Hi,

That is exactly what dodgy governments quite rightly fear beyond anything else, their dark actions and decisions in the command and control of independent bodies which are, in governmental best interests, better not made generally public knowledge because they are powerless to remedy the situation out of remote, relatively anonymous, semi-autonomous commander control.

The truth not being known though, and in most cases being deliberately hidden from peer review and forensic comment, is devastatingly counter-productive and eventually very quickly surprisingly self-destructive as is intimated in this very recent National Defense Magazine Editorial Opinion piece ……. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2023/2/1/the-free-press-a-national-security-issue ……. which recognises that such causes mounting irreconcilable problems liable to explode/implode at the most inconvenient of time and in the most inconvenient of places too?


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Playing Catch Up in Diabolical Fields where Mares and Stallions have Bolted to Heavenly Pastures

What very few folk anywhere realise is El Reg bots/AI are instrumental in pioneering leading machine learning. A situation they have been publishing freely for quite some time now unhindered by unwarranted and wilful negative intrusion and viral venal infection.



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