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Re: If you’ve done nothing wrong – you have nothing to fear from MuI7

Quite so, TheInstigator, however such would be as casting Perl before swine ……… given the present dire straits state of the UKGBNI and its equally impacted Westernised allies/conspiring partners/brothers in arms/cohorts in crime etc. etc., and the much greater problematic reality for the likes of an MI5 or MI6 operation [Security and Secret Intelligence Service type bods and/or bots], given the all too obvious fact they haven’t/wouldn’t have a clue about what to do whenever they have all the Earth’s information available to them …… imagine it being something similar to giving a bonobo ape an internet connected laptop ….. with such a disability and facility and utility being recognised and used as a systemic universal vulnerability to be enjoyed and exploited with impunity by SMARTR A.N.Others communicating on matters of Mutual IntelAIgent interest stealthily.

🙂 And something so novel to be pigeonholed and classified as too unbelievable to be honestly true and thus extraordinarily rendered further free reign on a free rein way beyond any Earthly command and control of Chinese whispers……… which one does best to note is not a question posed to invent an opposition and entertain disagreement.


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