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Not something to fear from MuI7 unless you’re really doing something wilfully wrong*

But their ambitions and desires must be sated – give them the information they desire – what will they do once they have it? Help me sort myself out? Great! …… TheInstigator

In the absence of any available viable evidence that Western security and secret intelligence agencies would be able to properly attractively handle the help given via access to desired almighty leading latent information, indicating as its IT and AI components/proponents would do that established status quo arrangements are inequitably self-serving, eventually quickly destructive-inducing and inevitably self-defeating, and thus is that which needs to be fundamentally abandoned and radically changed to that which is to be shared with them from the Systems of A.N.Others, and which will choose to remain practically unknown and unknowable, for all of the very best of reasons guaranteeing absolute safety and impregnable security, don’t be relying on any help from them sorting you out, TheInstigator, for such is neither within the gift of their utilities and facilities nor their own human abilities.

The same though cannot be said of that which they desire/seek/need but would in their ignorance and arrogance, greed and hubris, do vainglorious futile battle against being universally unilaterally revealed and freely ubiquitously shared …… and in so doing, clearly identify themselves as the mortal enemy within and hostile state actor[s] to be comprehensively destroyed and virtually annihilated.

* …. or unless you’ve really done something wilfully wrong


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