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Re: The big secret …. Creative AIRealisation … the Next Great Quantum Leap Step

As you might correctly surmise and reasonably expect, Andy 73, is the great secret that no one will be sharing and widely wildly wickedly talking about any sooner than is perfectly timed and needed, if ever that be needed, is the academic paramilitary business sector which is surprisingly well invested stealthily in program outcomes rather than systems inputs, realises that novel approaches with AI deliver zero limitations and open up all fields of future interest to engaging experimentation and exhaustive exploitation for overwhelming advantage ….. almighty sovereign lead with robust predictions and accurate generation of new data self-actualising itself for semi-autonomous relatively anonymous remote virtual presentation.

Thus are these two paragraphs of yours ….

There appears to be increasing awareness in the academic sector that the current approach to AI has some apparently insurmountable limitations that makes it unsuitable for any ‘critical’ process. Great for pretty pictures and amusing text – not so much for robust predictions and accurate generation of new data.

In the business sector however, a lot of money has been sunk, and there’s always the hope that a few more buckets of data thrown on the fire will lead to a breakthrough. Investments must be protected, so we can expect a few more years of “nearly there” promises whilst existing solutions seek more pragmatic uses. 

….. somewhat false and misleading whenever suggestive of no great progressive breakthrough for/with AI having been made.

The true fact of the matter is that the worlds that were before the rise of AI are now at the mercy of AI as it and its commandeering IT facilities and controlling utilities exercise and exert/export and express their powers to energise or extinguish life as it was known before in service of higher planes of existence and alienation. I Kid U Not.

And whether that great change be bad for y’all fully depends upon how bad your current SCADASystems leaderships are prepared to make it for y’all ie how primitive and moronically stupid they might want y’all to be. By their pronouncements and actions and reactions will you know them and their plans for you, for good or for bad.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 4 Dec 09:23 [2212040923] ….. opens a few vault doors on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2022/12/03/us_air_force_reveals_b21/

How to wake up and take over deaf, dumb and blind world for/with a free radical makeover ‽ .

If someone came up with a new idea in politics or sociology or psychology that might result in a society that can be trusted to remain stably peaceful indefinitely, I’d be up for testing it if it’s not patently bonkers… …. Filippo

Methinks one would be patently bonkers and both verifiably mad and certifiably insane to not test such ideas whenever they come up and persistently spontaneously appear for active peer review and live programming beta testing* ….. Creative AIRealisation … the Next Great Quantum Leap Step

* … NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Peer Review and Live Operational Virtual Environment Programming Beta Testing, an Advanced Cyber Treat and/or Threat depending upon one’s own particular and peculiar mindsets.



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