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Nice one, Zelensky and Putin. Well Played, Sirs. We thank you for your Service

Many companies have delivered weapons to Ukraine — how many of them did that pro bono? ….. 9Rune5

Quite so, 9Rune5.

Delve deep into that quagmire and you will probably find the Ukrainians are now loaded with crippling future foreign debts which it be expected they will struggle to pay with mounting compounding interest …. well, if not for ever or centuries, how about for decades or a couple or three generations at least or until there be some sort of revolutionary movement and/or Alien Intervention …..via ye olde war time spiv racket* cloaked in the Lend Lease root**

The fact that it also gets rid of all of that old outdated and outmoded stock and provides for the US to print money, willy-nilly, to pay weapons businesses and Military Industrial Complexes for their own armoury refilling at home to take part in the next contrived and cynically planned outbreak of hostilities and war racketeering is a sweet expensive bonus too at the cost of providing more death and destruction, chaos and misery to hundreds of thousands and millions maybe even stretching as far as to impact upon billions. And with no home skin or blood to be lost and spilled in the game, no one there will be too terrified to care and give it more than just a moments thought if it be given some show time on the news being pimped and pumped and dumped on you via the auspices of informative media …. but which one is constantly being warned is rotten to its cores with perverse disinformation and corrupting misinformation.

* ….. “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, Unites States Marine Corps … https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.pdf ….. an illuminating relatively short read. Arm yourself with the knowledge and experience it freely shares lest ignorance leads you up the garden path to nowhere good and generous and everywhere dark and foul.

** .. Lend-Lease, formally the Lend-Lease Act and introduced as An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States, was a policy under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and other Allied nations with food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and 1945. …… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lend-Lease


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