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The Genie’s out of the Lamp and Exploring the Delights of Pandora’s Open Box

Organizations like MI5 and the FBI frequently issue warnings of Chinese espionage and the CCP’s strong long game to encourage further invention of absolutely fabulous speculation justifying their raison d’ĂȘtre for continued existence and financing/fiat money supply for global disbursement and product purchase/proprietary intellectual property capture.

Such a methodology though has many able to copy it and thus be they equally well equipped to successfully capture and enjoy the employment and deployment of a leading overwhelmingly almighty powerful advantage which ideally delivers free reign and indisputable dominion over all others whenever such is available and on offer.

However, a major self-destructive problem arises and expands exponentially then whenever the warnings issued are more recognised to be fake news for further future program conversion with media preparations and presentations of intricate fabricated perceptions for public acceptance as profound metadatabased physicalised realities by those targeted …… for more than one can play that Greater IntelAIgent Game.

Would you like to deny that is a current available live running virtualising reality for capture and enjoyment and employment and deployment/payment and purchase?


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