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Now you know

Straight from the horse’s mouth for those who want to know, and may agree to disagree and suggest a wrong is easily righted in the light of the evidence that there is definitely a greater unknown good out there fully appreciative of the greater alternative AI and IT side for El Reg to uncover and cover.

SFTW started out as a little bit of fun thought up by my friend Bob Dormon who was in charge of reviews and weekend features at The Reg at the time; we had previously been freelance colleagues at MacUser magazine. That it lasted a decade surprised nobody more than me. The Reg felt it was time to move on. There’s nothing sinister about that. I don’t think it was a fabulously well-read column: very few readers shared it on social media (many thanks to the handful that did on a regular basis!), and I imagine it was difficult to sell ad space on it. …. Alistair Dabbs https://autosaveisforwimps.substack.com/p/she-was-so-many-things-to-so-many/comments


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Future Building via the Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machine Root Route

There’s a hell of a lot of ifs and ors, somehows and unforeseen or uncontrollable probabilities invented in that Brookings tale, Katyanna, and none here would expect them capable of spouting anything else for that is surely undeniably their usual bog standard modus operandi/vivendi.

It would be more than a tad odd though for them to think AIdDevelopment be listening to take heed of their concerns rather than having extensive and expansive plans already rolling along to eliminate them and in so doing have IT and media paint a whole new book of novel panorama pictures for human realisation and virtual machine colonisation.



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